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Few top questions to be asked an app developer

Questions you should ask an app developer before asking him to develop your app

By Ann R.Published 3 years ago Updated 2 years ago 4 min read

There are so many mobile app agencies out there, but not many of them giving good results as you are expecting. That’s why it is important to ask the right questions to any mobile app agency you are thinking of doing business with. Mobile apps have changed the way of businesses and engage consumers. If you’re not leveraging mobile tools then you will be wasting a lot of money. From studies, we examine that people prefer to access the internet through their mobile phones. The next step is learning the code, but probably you don’t have that much time. So, the thing that comes to mind is that hiring an app developer. The challenge faced by many business people is that they get screwed by many uncultured developers for not knowing how to find the right developer that understands your project and really knows how to develop the functional app. Here are some questions that we figured at YashaaGlobal that will help you in finding the best app development company for your app.

Can I See the Apps You Already Built?

The prospective agency should be happy to show you their apps or portfolios they have already built. If the prospective agency doesn’t have a portfolio of good results, then beware. If their portfolio shows good results, then it’s likely a good agency. You can also check web app reviews and ratings of the agency. Even asking the agency how highly their apps ranked in the App Store.

Can you explain your development service?

Any reputable mobile application agency provides the development services such as:

• Quality testing

• Business analysis

• Successful launch

• App development

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Unfortunately, when you fail to ask the right questions to the developer before hiring them, you can fall victim to app agencies. You will know you’re about to get ripped off by an agency if they pressure you to sign the document, waste more time on deducing how much they will charge you and how long the app development process will take, pressure you to sign any fixed cost and time agreement, and try to complete the project as fast as they can.

What’s Your Bandwidth Like?

App development is a volatile process. In this process issues like changing key features of your app will likely come up as you suddenly realize that something in your prototype needs to improve. It is part of the good development process. However, your selected agency doesn’t have the dedicated manpower to attend to these changes, then that is problematic.

You have to figure out how many current projects the agency is working on, so you can determine if there will be at least one or two developers always working on your app and always ready to respond to change requests.

How Skilled Are Your Developers?

You have to check that the developers are able to build the features as well as functionality that you want in your app. You probably want to have reviews and ratings included in the app. The agency’s developers should be able to tell you how they would implement any feature or functionality and mention any proper plugins that would be helpful.

Ask for an agency’s developers’ profiles, and look out for their information.

• Contact information

• A Bio

• A list of relevant skillsets

• A portfolio that highlights developer-specific past work experience

• Past project info that includes details of the project and who the client was.

What is Your Approach to UX and Design Principles in App Development?

Features like design and user experience are absolutely important. Without great design and UX, your app’s popularity and users will decrease. One of the best ways to make your app stand out is excellent design and UX. Any reliable agency will succeed at creating a creative app that simultaneously is a joy to use.

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People with an app vision sadly end up choosing the wrong app agency. This process wastes their time and money. In our white paper, Jacksonville SEO Company wanted to help you to solve this problem by identifying some most important questions that you should be asking any prospective agency you plan on doing business with. The developers at the agency you want need to have technical expertise, good communication skills, understand your customers, and work history building good apps. If you ask any prospective agency these types of questions, you will be much closer to successfully making your app vision come true.

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