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Fall of Pogacar: Controversy around the hole at the origin of the abandonment of the Slovenian

This is the story of the banana peel in Mario Kart. When you dodge it, everything is fine, when you go straight into it, however, it's the drama. On Liège-Bastogne-Liège , Mikkel Honoré and Tadej Pogacar went straight into it, except that the banana was a big pothole. A clearly visible hole on a degraded roadway now at the origin of a controversy in Belgium, where we do not laugh with the safety of the runners.

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We learned this week that the accident could therefore have been avoided. In any case, this is the version given to L'Avenir by the burgomaster (mayor) of Bertogne, the village at the exit of which the double fall took place. “I had asked the SPW (regional technical services) to fill the hole. I reissued my request the Friday before the race. I went to the scene on Sunday morning but nothing had been done. I put a colored band at the place of the hole to warn of the danger. I contacted the police who notified the race marshals. Then he sat down in front of his TV to watch his fears take shape.

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“What would have happened if there had been a tragedy? »

If the hole was quickly filled after the abandonment of Tadej Pogacar, the controversy has not ceased to swell. So much so that Sarah Pierre, spokesperson for the Walloon public service, had to respond in the columns of Sudinfo , where photos of the hole were also published. The culprit is all found, it is the fault of winter. “When the Tour de France passes through Belgium, special public contracts are awarded to carry out repairs before the event. As it is July, there is time to do the work. Here we are at the end of winter. The coating suffered and the weather was not good in April. »

Finally, everyone has their little excuse to get rid of the tile. The Mayor of Bertogne however warns: “if there are no works for next year, I will no longer authorize the race to cross our commune. It's really too dangerous. What would have happened if there had been a tragedy? »

Greece: This summer, the beaches will be accessible to holidaymakers with reduced mobility

All in the water. While lazing on the beach is the favorite summer activity of many holidaymakers, those who use wheelchairs do not always have access to the turquoise waters. Indeed, these idyllic places are generally not designed for people with reduced mobility. To allow everyone to have a good holiday and enjoy the expanses of salt water, Greece , a European destination that attracts many tourists every year, does everything possible to make its beaches more inclusive .

A program partly funded by the EU

A vast beach accessibility program has been deployed in order to provide automatic ramps carrying holidaymakers with reduced mobility into the water. Officially launched by the Greek Ministry of Tourism a few days ago, the program was able to see the light of day thanks to funding from the European Union to the tune of 15 million euros, supplemented by Greek funds.

Gard: By recycling granny's old salad bowls, she creates high-end lamps

Many of us have tried, at least once, to transform under a coat of first price paint old things found in a closet, to give them a second life. And often, it is… missed. In her small workshop in Aigues-Vives ( Gard ), Esther Gozioso works wonders on these treasures. This 28-year-old designer collects vintage tableware from flea markets and turns them into amazing lamps or floor lamps.

This funny idea, this creator had it while emptying the vacation home of her grandparents, who had decided to sell it. “My grandmother wanted to throw away all her old crockery and salad bowls from the 1960s and 1970s, tells 20 Minutes Esther Gozioso, a flea market enthusiast. For me, these were real memories! It was the holiday salad bowl, that of my grandmother's chocolate mousse… It was a completely ordinary salad bowl, but I was very attached to it. I didn't want her to throw it away! »

Molded glass salad bowls or colored transparent plates from the 1960s and 1970s

Immediately, the designer imagined, for this salad bowl, another life, by “restoring its letters of nobility”, she confides. In two drills and two hammer blows, she transforms this old bowl into a high-end pendant light. Thus was born, a year ago, Orma, Esther Gozioso's small decoration business. All her objects are shaped by hand, and, of course, unique, depending on what she bargains for. "But today, with word of mouth, when they want to throw away dishes, my friends and my family know where to bring them," laughs the young designer. Among the objects she loves to give a second life to, there are granny's old molded glass salad bowls, whose shapes offer incredible reflections in the light, or the transparent and colored crockery, which the children of the 1960s and 1970s must have known.

In Esther Gozioso's work, there is obviously an ecological approach: rather than throwing away, she recycles. “Especially since the glass used to make this tableware is a bit special, it cannot be recycled in the same way as jars or bottles,” explains the engineer. But the commitment of the young designer goes a little further still. “When I started, I worked in the sports sector, as an industrial designer, she confides. But I quickly realized that it didn't make too much sense to me, mass production, or manufacturing in distant countries. I wanted to refocus on what I liked, to make with my hands. »

Buddy Buddy: Peanut butter has found its right address in Paris

Because of its American origins, we have the image of a fatty food, sturdy to taste. However, its virtues are numerous, especially in proteins and above all, its taste changes from that of chocolate . With a low glycemic index, peanut butter has begun to conquer the hearts - and bellies - of Europeans.

In 2020, Matt and Julien founded Buddy Buddy in Brussels, and their concept caught the eye of the French who came in droves to taste their drinks and spreads. So much so that the duo decided to set up a coffee shop in the 10th arrondissement in Paris. "It's been full since the opening in March, and it's also very pleasant to work in such a place", tells us Lucie, barista at Buddy Buddy.

For a month and a half, Buddy Buddy hasn't stopped serving its peanut butter drinks, its peanut butter pastries (you guessed it) and selling its products with… peanut butter. But then, is it really good? How do you make a "Buddy", that is to say a coffee with milk and peanut butter?

How to divide your time between work and children to take care of both at the same time

Switch to a four-day week, take a half-day of RTT more frequently, make maximum use of the flexibility of your office hours... If concrete solutions exist to organize your time between your work and your children, carry out these two fronts spheres that are as important as they are energy-intensive can take on “an obstacle course”, in the words of Jérôme Ballarin, president of the Observatory for the Quality of Life at Work and Parenthood and founder of 1762 Consultants.

“The human being is an ecosystem that finds its balance in a plurality of spheres of fulfillment (professional, family, artistic, spiritual, athletic, etc.), he says. To each and everyone his own cocktail of balance and happiness, but we must not think that we will be able to achieve 360° happiness and that we will be perfect everywhere. »

The first piece of advice he would have to give would be “to take stock of the sphere in which you invest the most” in order to be able to make choices between your different priorities. "Managing your own ecosystem well, he continues, requires a regular meeting with yourself", to make adjustments "in a logic of small steps, not in a logic of great revolution".

A matter of communication and gender equality

Once identified the activities that restore our energy and those that pollute us, it is necessary, according to the expert, to turn to the outside. First “within his personal ecosystem”, towards his spouse, for example to establish “a better balance of tasks in the couple”, or “to get more help from his close family”. “You shouldn't wait for things to get explosive before talking about it,” warns Jérôme Ballarin. This is also the case in the company, with its N + 1 and its team. “You have to dare to talk about it, dare to negotiate certain things. All of this, of course, by choosing the words and the moment to discuss it, and by providing proposals for solutions "to allow the other to help you more easily".

While after the birth of a child, mothers are more likely to work part-time and fathers will often increase their number of overtime hours , the question of the balance between work and family life is inseparable from that of equality between the sexes.

If Jérôme Ballarin notes a certain "evolution" in the aspirations of fathers, young or older, who also want to flourish by taking care of their children, he recalls that this is a subject "that we must constantly put back on the carpet, so that each and everyone can choose their life project".

Upcycling: How an old windbreaker turns into a trendy pair of sneakers

Why throw away when you can transform? Brands have understood this, consumers no longer want to buy new clothes, but to adopt an eco-responsible approach. After the old sheets used to make luxury clothes , the bags made from packets of crisps, or even the jackets created from umbrellas, it's the turn of windbreakers to be upcycled. The jackets of the 1980s and 1990s have had a makeover and have been transformed into… sneakers ! The idea comes from a young brand launched in 2023, BIS*, which promises to offer a second life to these vintage pieces.

Hunt and then upcycle

Children of the 1980s and 1990s, we (necessarily) all had - one day or another - a garishly colored windbreaker on our backs. Voluntarily, or not. Be that as it may, this practical and vintage creation gradually gave way to other trendy pieces, more in tune with the times, before making a resounding comeback in fashion.

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