Factors that Affect Sleep that Zucklight May Solve

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An invention that may lead a revolution

Factors that Affect Sleep that Zucklight May Solve
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It is necessary to sleep at night, or whenever your job allows you to, because sleep is the rest your body demands. For fellow insomniacs and chronically ill people, maybe the majority of millennials, sleep is hard to come by. It may be due to routine, stress, health and a lot of issues that will affect how we sleep and when we will. Chances are, you don’t even know what to do. Maybe Web MD isn’t giving you enough information on insomnia or the best result for all of your searching is cancer.

Let us try to delve into the topic of sleep and how Zucklight may help you. Again, this is not an ad. Hey Zucklight! Please sponsor this broke writer, it will help me write about you more. Now back to the topic. Here are some things that are affecting your sleep and how this device may address it.


This is not a surprise. This is the technological age and gadgets are a necessity in life. Before, it wasn’t, but now it surely is. Now, the problems with gadgets are that they keeps us awake. Doing social media handles, doing online shopping, keeping up with your favorite shows on Netflix. I get, and it is alright. What’s not alright is lacking sleep due to it. Now, if we turn something that keeps us awake into a device that helps us sleep, won’t you jump at the chance to do so?

Zucklight connects to your phone so you can customize when you should sleep and when to wake up. Sounds awesome? The key here is discipline. You can already customize the app, now you can teach yourself to sleep when the light is low. Your phone will remind you and you should follow it.

Charging Phone

It is no secret that phones are our gadget of choice. Sometimes, at night, we end up draining our phones and we need to charge it. Now, when you’re always on the go in the morning, an uncharged phone is a headache you don’t want to have. Well, here is a Zucklight feature that will remove that headache.

Wireless Charging

Zucklight boasts its compatibility with Qi Wireless Power Consortium (WPC) 1.1 and 1.2 devices. Hence, it will be able to support most smartphone models and wearable devices with a wireless charging function. That removes your charging nightmares that preoccupy your mind at all times.

Room Environment

You may not care, but your sleeping environment influences the quality of your sleep. From temperature to humidity, heck, even CO2 levels will be a challenge. An unknown issue that you really need to work on. Zucklight can help you with that. The sensors will give you accurate readings, allowing you to change what you can. Room is too dry? Try a humidifier. Is the temperature too high? Turn on your AC and enjoy sleeping with your blanket with less worry of waking up with your nose feeling dry or with a sore throat. No more rolling on the bed to get to cooler spots. Zucklight covers those issues just fine.

Waking Up at Night

There’s always a mini heart attack that happens when you wake up in the middle of the night, thinking it’s already morning. Grabbing that phone and confirming will only make your eyes strain due to the light your phone emits. Now, the Zucklight covers that by being this gentle, aesthetic box that emits low light at night, signaling that there’s nothing to worry about. You can still go back to sleep at a glance, allowing your eyes to adjust and lull you back to sleep.

When It’s Time to Wake Up

Zucklight allows you to not jump out of the bed when it emits high light to emanate the sun rising, in the comfort of your own room and also without the headache. No more alarms, eye-straining sunlight or even that famous light switching that will make you groan.

Zucklight just may be the device to help all of us in both sleep and waking up, without worries or hassles to ignore.

Here is a link to their fundraiser on Kickstarter.

Miranieva Buen
Miranieva Buen
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