Facebook Attempts to Curb Worldwide Social Media Addiction

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A solution has been set in motion to curb the excessive social media habit.

Facebook Attempts to Curb Worldwide Social Media Addiction

Did you ever think that you could have a social media addiction?

How long can you go before logging in and checking your Instagram account, Facebook page, Pinterest, or Twitter feed?

According to a conducted study, experts say 32 percent of iPhone users check their social media before getting out of bed and 27 percent cannot go at least three hours without checking out what is happening.

Across the globe there are over 2 billion social media users and most of them are on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter. This has become even more true when celebrities joined in on the scene.

Instagram is in the lead with 1 billion users and Facebook has 500 million. In case you didn't know back in 2012, Facebook brought Instagram for 1 billion dollars—that's why today, there's easy integration in terms of sharing content directly between both platforms.

Curbing Social Media Solution

This week, Facebook and Instagram reportedly announced a brand new tool to help curb society's struggle with social media addiction.

Back when Facebook first began, it was a site to help find lost classmates and connect with family members.

Scrolling mindlessly is something that we are all guilty of.

Whether it’s because we’re looking for something in particular, or we're just bored, it can come in handy to pass the time but it can be a bit more than that.

There is now a way to see how much time you have spent on the Facebook or Instagram apps each day.

Don't be reluctant. Muster up your courage and take a look at the settings page on the Facebook or Instagram app; on Instagram, tap "your activity" and on Facebook tap where it says "your time on Facebook." Upon doing so it will bring up a dashboard showing you your usage stats.

On another note, the stats displayed only show how much time you spent using the app on that particluar device.

So it will not include the time you spent browsing Facebook or Instagram on your desktop at home, for instance.

You will also find a new option called "Set Daily Reminder" underneath the dashboard.

This new feature will let you specify how much time you want to spend on Facebook or Instagram on any given day. Let's say you choose 60 minutes—you'll get an alert when you reach that self-imposed limit.

"We want the time people spend on Facebook and Instagram to be intentional, positive and inspiring," Instagram Product Management Director Ameet Ranadive and Facebook Director of Research David Ginsberg said.

Bad Habit or Social Media Addiction

What is social media addiction? It generally means a form of excessive use in terms of social media.

There has been an ongoing debate for years about whether excessive social media usage is a symptom of an existing disorder or just a bad habit.

When first analyzed, it may seem as if excessive social media usage is just a distressing habit or lack of good judgment, or that excessive use of social media is counteractive with other mental conditions present such as depression and anxiety.

Nonetheless, the facts validate that having a social media addiction is indeed an overwhelming and destructive use of the internet, and those who use social media to this extent have been proclaimed to have negative effects on their academic, professional and social lives.

Everything imaginable has become a status or something to post about.

Social media posts have now turned into videos of teens fighting amongst other teens, break ups, and dance challenges, to personal information monologues...

We have to realize exactly what role we are playing and how much of our habits are influencing the next generation that are watching our every move, especially so for those who have young children.

When you have to post three times an hour it really goes to show how much one has on their hands.

You have to check in at every new location to let everyone know where you are.

Celebrities scaled back on doing this when it was realized that they were inadvertently gearing paparazzi with information to stalk them endlessly.

No one should know about what happened when you went to the store and bumped into your ex from high school or when you fell asleep hung over on the bathroom floor or the time you laughed so hard you peed on yourself. Some things should be private and kept to yourself and not shared on a wall or status.

Mental health issues increased due to social media.

Has social media become a part of your daily routine, like sleeping and eating?

Social media has incorporated itself into every aspect of our lives, and Instagram has reportedly been found to be one of the worst platforms amongst this generation for addictive behaviour and anxieties that are closely associated with a lack of social validation.

Seemingly, it has developed such an importance in our lives that we have developed addictions to it and the need for validation satisfies an inner appetite for appreciation when a picture or post is successful.

Addiction to anything shows a lack of the ability to control impulses, so the excessive usage of anything, such as social media, is considered to be what's known as an impulse control addiction disorder.

Spending at least four hours a day on social media has become a lonely road for many because of the mere fact that isolating oneself away from social life has become the norm.

This is more true for those who feel uncomfortable communicating with friends without using any social media device.

In relation to social media, some of the health issues that have skyrocketed are...

  1. depression
  2. anxiety

Signs Of Social Media Addiction

It's clear to see the signs when words like "Tweet," "Wall," "Insta," "Pinned," "Updates," and "Hashtags" suddenly have become part of your lingo.

You cannot live a day without social media; you need to travel with it, eat with it, sleep with it, or even using it while taking a dump.

Here are a few tell tale signs of this highly crazed addition.

  1. You think your world is over when you have no internet access or when Twitter, Facebook, or other social media is down.
  2. You check your phone before going to bed and then as you awake in the morning
  3. You use tons of photo apps before a picture even gets to be posted.
  4. You've deleted a photo because it didn't get enough "likes."
  5. You tag your friends and even strangers on pictures that do not involve them, just to make sure they see the pictures on their timeline.
  6. Picking a filter overwhelms you.
  7. You think your friend is an alien if he or she does not have a social media account.
  8. Your respect level for people increases when they follow you back.
  9. You will take a photo of anything if it has Instagram potential.
  10. You start to #hashtag #about #everything #under #the sun.
  11. Your food is frequently published, every course of the day.
  12. You've created a Pinterest or Instagram account for your pet dog, Zeus, and its parrot pal, Lucky.
  13. You have sent numerous requests on Facebook for your family and friends to send you "lives" for games such as Candy Crush (as if your life depends on it).
  14. You announce to everyone on social media what you are doing every single hour of the day—things like doing your hair, brushing your teeth, having a lunch, found a pencil, went shopping today and blah, blah, blah.
  15. You don't know how many miles you’ve scrolled.

Tips to Fight the Urge

If your whole world feels like it’s falling apart with a lack of service bars, then it may be that you need to rethink your priorities.

Take some much needed time away from the internet and communicate with the real people around you. They do exist.

Take a break from flooding your account daily with the food pic posts and just enjoy your meal. Maybe even talk to the people you are eating with, too.

You are the owner of your social media page. Therefore it belongs to you, and it should not matter what others think of it.

Instead, try occupying your time with something a little more constructive, perhaps something that will be conducive to your future and give your thumbs a rest.

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