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Everything you Need to Know About Before Choosing Salesforce Viber Integration

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Despite the fact Salesforce doesn't provide by default messaging capabilities, AppExchange apps have made it feasible for users to incorporate messaging capabilities in their Salesforce org. So, understanding the importance of multi-channel support, users look forward to integrating as many channels as possible to target different audience bases and improve customer experiences. And Salesforce Viber integration is one of them.

What is Viber?

Viber is a messaging and calling app mainly popular in Eastern Europe, the Middle East, Russia, and some Asian markets. Even in India, Viber holds a user base of 40 million users, and this shows the people prefer Viber for messaging. Viber allows users to make free calls, share images, texts, and video messages with other Viber users. More importantly, it works on both desktop and mobile, and users can use it to connect with people across the globe.

Viber offers a Viber Out feature. It is a VoIP feature that allows users to make calls to landline and mobile numbers. So, the users and businesses who use Skype for calling can also consider Viber for the same.

Importance of Salesforce Viber Integration for Business

Salesforce Viber integration allows organizations to incorporate Salesforce Viber messaging capabilities in their Salesforce org. and connect with Viber lovers over their preferred channel. So, businesses can effortlessly improve their business outreach by including Viber audiences in their audience base. Also, users can look for an SMS app offering Viber as a communication channel to eliminate the need for separate Salesforce Viber integration.

How Salesforce Viber messaging can help your business?

Send Transactional Messages

Viber business customers have the feasibility to use two types of accounts. These are Viber Business Messages and Viber Business Accounts. So, if a user wants to send transactional messages like alerts, users can opt for Viber Business Messages.

Send Automated Messages

Users can also use Salesforce Viber messaging to allow their prospects and customers to reach their brand. Users can cut back on plenty of manual work and perform other tasks simultaneously. On the other hand, users can connect their customer support platform to the Viber platform and send texts manually.

Get Customizable Keyboard

Salesforce Viber integration for Salesforce Viber messaging gets its user on unique capability that no other platform does and, i.e., customizable keyboard. Thus, users can send a customizable keyboard with each message they send to any prospect or customer. In layman's terms, users can send a predefined set of replies or actions that a customer is more likely to reply to a specific text message. This would help customers to respond faster without any manual typing work. Also, this would help to make a world of difference in the customer experiences.

Track Message Readability

Another important advantage that Salesforce Viber messaging gets to its users is the read receipt. Like WhatsApp, users can track the readability of messages through a read receipt. In addition to this, users can also check whether a text message has been delivered and read by the recipient or not. But like WhatsApp, there are no specific timelines for the activated chat session. Users can text their audiences at any time without worrying about the messaging window.


Like every other messaging channel, Salesforce Viber messaging comes with its own benefits. And users can easily reap all those benefits with the help of Salesforce Viber integration. Viber business messaging makes it easier to increase the audience base by targeting Eastern Europe and Asian Viber audiences over their popular messaging channel and maximize revenue. But for a more cost-savvy deal, users can look for a full-fledged texting app that supports multi-channel messaging.

For instance- 360 SMS provides 8 pre-integrated channels, including Viber, at no extra cost.

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