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Everyday Tasks of a Software Developer | Jamil Geor

Jamil Geor on the everyday tasks of a software developer.

By Jamil GeorPublished about a year ago 3 min read

A software developer is a person who creates software applications that are designed to help people use information more efficiently. They come from various backgrounds but can learn the necessary skills. The time and energy it takes to know the skills needed to become a software developer are often prohibitive. The good news is that the time and effort required don't have to be substantial because there are so many online resources, books, or even classes in college.

Analyzing a Software Requirement

A software developer's most critical tasks is analyzing a software requirement. A thorough analysis of a software requirement can include many different tasks, from taking notes during meetings with clients and potential customers to reading online articles about the things discussed in the meeting.

Changing Code for a Software Application

A software developer is often called on to change Code in an application. While it can be challenging to push through changes when a client or many staff members try to do the same thing, change is necessary. A developer must go through because a product designed to work in one way might not work.

Debugging Code

When Code doesn't work as it should, the software developer must try different ways to find out where the problem lies. Debugging Code is essential if a company is going to improve its product. The process of software debugging is often a difficult one, but it's something that they must do if a company wants to succeed.

Testing Code

Testing a software application can be done in many different ways, but the essential task is to test the system's function to ensure it works. It's also necessary to test for things like reliability and efficiency, which means trying different abstraction levels. The developer must find out how the system works to fix existing issues.

Software developers have an essential job that helps thousands of people worldwide. They must be dedicated to their craft and do their best to find solutions for complex issues, such as those often found in software applications. They must also be able to use their skills to make improvements and changes, even if those changes are difficult for some people to accept.


About Jamil Geor

Living and working in Auckland, New Zealand, Jamil Geor is a skilled entrepreneur, tech professional, and software developer who has more than two decades of experience working with companies ranging from Fortune 500 to startups to build and deliver software solutions. Now serving as the Director of Pattern, a software and technology consulting firm, Jamil Geor first started building the foundation of his knowledge and career at Auckland University of Technology – the third-largest university in New Zealand – where he enrolled in 1997. During his academic career, Jamil studied Business Computing and Applied Science with a specialization in Software Development.

While a student, Jamil worked with AA Insurance Ltd. as an Analyst Programmer who developed solutions and help manage IT infrastructure. Jamil Geor co-founded Cereteq Ltd. in 2002, where he worked as a Developer, offering psychometric and data analysis tools to enterprises both large and small throughout New Zealand. Later, Jamil left to join Deep Animation – where he started as a 3D Animator and Developer it was here that he started working for Go Virtual Medical as a Lead Developer. In this role, which he held for nearly three years, Jamil was responsible for developing and designing most of the platform code for his project while also assisting other developers.

From there, Jamil joined Ogilvy NZ Limited as a Senior Developer before joining SIMTICS in 2009 as Principal Architect. His duties included software architecture, project management, and managing customer and third-party relationships and day-to-day developments. In January 2011, he left SIMTICS Ltd. to found Pattern, a software development consultancy, which he has been running for the past decade.

As someone who’s dedicated most of his career to working in software development, Jamil Geor loves that the industry is always changing. He’s always developing new things and learning more about new business problems by understanding how organizations operate differently. Since there are constantly new developments and improvements, there are always new things to learn and more innovative ways to solve problems and create solutions.

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