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Every Blogger Must Try To This

by Rajeev Sharma 3 months ago in social media

Every Blogger Must Try


Think about a Pizza…! (Probably, you don’t need to, if you are already eating one!). Why is it so delicious? The answer would be the perfect combination of all the ingredients. Absence, disproportions or overuse of one of them may make it less tastier , even non-consumable.

As a Blogger, think that you are cooking some delicious Articles (Blog Posts, according to Blogging Jargon) and setting up your identity, too.

You must use all ingredients in proper proportion. The taste of your blog will be function of combination you use.

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That’s Why, Every Blogger Must Try To…

Be Innovative and At Least, Creative:

Blogging is way for constant learners. You must have to keep yourself updated about your niche. With this knowledge gain, you must always try to find reach dimension. If you find some less discussed subject, it is born hit.

Also, you must be creative enough to present your subject in better manner. You may consider yourself successful in creativity, when person dwells at your blog post even when he/she already knows the things you are telling.

Be Helpful:

Think about your reader and the problem they must be facing. Focus on that problem. Write about it. Still a they may ask for little help. Be there for them. I know this is not possible if you get tons of visits and help me mails but still, try to!

One more thing you can do is, focus on all your readers problem. Segregate similar of them and finally dedicate the article about that problem.

This is beneficial for both of you. Reader gets focused information source and you get one more topic to write about AND one permanent reader to your blog.

Be One of Them:

When we are most comfortable? Obviously, at familiar places with familiar people. Same is with your readers. They must not think you like something HUGE! If they do, they will not communicate with you.Even some think in more intense way

Your identity must be funny and easy, as if you are one of them.

Be Communicative:

Encourage your readers to ask questions and to comment. Reply the maximum comments and it is mandatory to answer each of the questions. Because, according to you a question might be stupid n’ simple but it may be big issue for someone.

Be One Who Reviews Own Posts:

I don’t know why, but I hate to re-edit my old posts. But it is good practice to re-edit. It could be for adding some valuable information or new opinion or disagreement etc. Most important, if some of your reader suggests some correction or spelling mistake or grammatical mistake then it is must to go back and edit that change. Because, look at the degree of seriousness of your reader, you must appreciate that. If you don’t, then it is disrespecting to your serious reader.

Be One Who Gives Personal Opinion:

Apart from Technical blogs, reader come to blog, more for opinion than information. Your opinion is not only valuable but they are starving for it.

Let’s take simple example of WordPress permalink. Consider, Ross wants to know which one is best permalink structure for wordpress.

Most of the blogs, tell him all available permalink structures, moreover, give some unique option which is not available elsewhere. BUT, Ross is getting more and more confused. Now, he has one more option to get confused about.

According to me, best way to answer this question would be, show all available permalink structures, pros n’ cons and finally……wait for it….. Which One Do Use (which one would you use, if you have to) and Why! I guess, Ross is confused, not any more.

This is why, every blogger must try to think about pizza…! ;)

Please, share your views about this article.

Thanks a lot, for Reading!

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