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English Essay - Technology

“Modern technology, such as the internet, will never replace the book or written word as the main source of information.” Do you agree or disagree with this statement?

By Natalie G.Published 5 years ago 3 min read

Teenagers, adults and even children today, living in the 21st century enjoy a variety of privileges that allows us to develop, progress and even gain skills and knowledge more efficiently and easily than the earlier eras ever could. Technology dominates today and it is our main source of information, especially the students in which live in this century where they enjoy the power of being able to google anything, anywhere and at any time. However, books, notebooks, newspapers or even good old-fashioned handwritten letters are still very significant as they give information while also allowing you to enter a personal word with no distractions.

Newspapers and books are identified as things of the past by some people as they have been replaced by social media that offers faster and easier access to information from all around the world. In addition, multitasking is easily done with the use of the internet as multiple tabs may be open at the same time, while simultaneously writing down or typing the information collected. The new generation today is absorbed in technology leading to the use of newspapers and books to be rarely used. Newspapers have been replaced by television, and by the internet as a variety of websites are provided to chose from, which tell the news not only locally, but worldwide. People easily get in touch with the outside world and get informed of what is going on in countries and states other than their own.

Additionally, the internet provides a lot of ways to be notified as soon as news break in that you may be interested about. Some applications and softwares allow you to subscribe to several media companies such as CNN or BBC news where electronic newspapers can be provided. This definitely makes life easier as any thing you would like to know is under your finger tips and of quick service to you at any time. Furthermore, using social media such as Facebook, Twitter or even Instagram may also inform individuals about things they may have not known if other people hadn’t shared it with them or posted it on their own feed. This provides a new way of communication as people share dramatic, exciting or terrorizing news that may warn some people of dangers around them, such as, terrorist attacks that may be happening locally, or even please them if they, for instance, see a post of adorable puppies being adopted.

On the other hand, the internet needs electricity to run and may expensive for some to possess. If books continue to be replaced by the internet then the price for the internet will just keep increasing drastically. Moreover, books offer a more personal space of reading as pop-ups are not present to destroy your concentration and so distractions are limited with a book and newspaper. Furthermore, let’s not forget that some websites online may be deceiving whereas a novel and book on the topic you want to do your research on are more securely correct and true.

Books are the main source of information and have been around for many years. Students need to visit the library to find a variety of books that match their topic they wish to write and research about. Students need such information, and by being a student myself I have come across many times in my exams where I needed guidance and information from books even though I had the access to the internet 24/7. Doing my A-level Art examination, for instance, has led to me being in the library for hours searching for artists that match my Art theme and one page that I have to include in my art pad, is a Bibliography where we have to list our sources of information and books are our most effective source. According to a new study, 92% of college students would rather do their reading the old-fashioned way, with pages and not pixels.

In conclusion, technology is progressing and developing dramatically and this is only helping us, as a society, to improve ourselves. However, I believe our primary sources should be written books and newspapers as they are very significant to how we are evolving with knowledge. It may not be a very developed way to study, and read but they embrace tradition in which we have to maintain to be in touch with the more creative part of our minds.

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