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By Mohamed RifthyPublished 3 years ago 4 min read

Hey Lovely Peoples, Edifier X5 is the new successor to the much acclaimed Edifier X3.Edifier has been the go-to brand when people think of true wireless earbuds. They have a wide range of Earbuds and Headphones from simple to gaming to ANC and even high-end earbuds.

Let’s get on with the review of the Edifier x5

Edifier X5 : Design and Build

When Edifier launches an earbud with a black gold design, it’s like the best combination ever, and I really cannot think of a color combo that I really like.

The Edifier X5 earbud’s case simply looks stunning. The uppers are made primarily of plastic, and the overall feel of the case is excellent.

But I would wish the lid to perhaps feel a little bit thicker because the lid feels a little bit thin. At the top of the case, you get this gorgeous metal-like surface with circular lines going through it with a raised up Edifier logo.

In the back of the case, you get a USB Type-C charging port, and once you plug it in, you get a tiny charging indicator below that to tells you the charging status of the case.

Apart from that, I don’t see any indicator around it to tell you the battery percentage of the case.

The lid opening action is nice and smooth, and Edifier gives you a nice friction lid that holds the cover up for you to access your earbuds. Inside, you get the earbuds lying nice and classy inside the case.

I personally love the style of the x5, and that combo between that gloss black plastic and that metal-like circular plate on the touch sensor with the Edifier logo there just looks super amazing.

Below the touch sensor surface, you get an led indicator that goes away once you play any music.

So flipping the Edifier X5 to the back, you get a very nicely contoured shape that sits super snugly in my ears.

You get pretty standard in-ear style ear tips, and I must stress that these are super fitting and comfortable earbuds right out of the box for me.

Design and Build


Edifier X5 : Features

The features on the Edifier X5 are pretty good, but they are using last year’s QCC 3020 chipset that supports Apt-X, AAC, and SBC audio codec in 2021.

It’s really still a solid chipset, just lacking the more efficient 3040 chipsets.

The earbuds also come with an ip55 dust and water resistant rating, which is pretty fantastic for earbuds and should protect you for most of your daily activities sweating and getting caught under the rain shouldn’t be much of a problem for these earbuds.

The Edifier X5 allows you to connect both sides of the earbuds to your phone. It doesn’t support a truly seamless mono and stereo mode and still uses the master and slave method to connect your phone. You can still connect both pairs to your phone if you want to use both sides independently.

Lastly, the Edifier X5 does not support multi-point connectivity.



Edifier X5 : Battery

The earbuds will give you about 6 hours of continuous playback time. The case charges up the earbuds an additional two and a half times, which provides you with 21 hours of playback time.

Edifier X5 earbuds take about one and a half hours. The case takes about two hours to fully charge.



Edifier X5 : Controls

So the controls of the Edifier X5 are pretty standard and have definitely improved from previous versions of the Edifier.

Apart from the volume controls, you can control everything else from the earbuds to play or pause media. Simply tap once on either side of the earbuds, and you can play or pause your media or pick up phone calls

To skip tracks forward, simply double tap on either side of the earbuds, and it will skip your tracks forward.

And to skip backward, triple tap on either side of the earbuds, and it will skip backward.

Lastly, to call your assistant, press and hold for about two seconds until you hear a beep, and that should pause your media and pull out your assistant

You can use your assistant to control your volume if you are still looking for a way to control the volume without pulling your phone out.



Edifier X5 : Mic and call Quality

The call quality of the Edifier X5 is pretty standard for any earbuds equipped with a CVC 8.0 and does an okay job getting your voice across in quite a noisy environment. It doesn’t cancel out background noises all too much but at least picks up your voice nicely across the conversation.

t’s quite soft for the other party listening to

Call Quality



With Bluetooth 5.0, there is no issue with latency when watching videos on youtube on Netflix latency when gaming is actually pretty good with a very very tiny amount of delay

But in general, FPS gaming like PUBG is really still very enjoyable

Read theSound Quality review and Conclusion whether these earbuds worth for $30 here Edifier X5

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