Drone Racing FPV

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Do you want to know what FPV drone racing is?

Drone Racing FPV

Technology today is growing fast and it is hard to keep up with every new thing that companies are coming out with. It is like for the past five years, ten new things have come out every year. One of those new inventions that came out a while back but is now getting more popular is the drone.

What can you do with a drone besides have awesome pictures to put on your social media? Well, there are a lot of things you could do but one thing that is becoming more popular is drone racing. Drone racing or FPV drone racing.

You may be asking what is FPV drone flying. FPV drone flying is when you race drones of course, but imagine you are in the aircraft and it is flying through the park and you are going so super fast flying through the wind and you are racing against other people. That is how it feels when you race drones. You would connect a VR to the drone and you would see through the drone's camera. FPV drone racing is growing fast, with more people joining the community.

You would need a drone that could handle the high-speed racing. Drones like Hubsan FPV X4, UDI- U818A, Syma X8HG, Dromida Ominus, and others are meant for FPV racing.

If you want to join to an FPV drone race you should start by first buying a drone that is good to race like the ones I mentioned already. If you do not want to buy the ones I mentioned you should look for drones that are meant to race and just drones that can take pictures. If you could not find one that is meant to race you could always build one yourself. Flying drones could be expensive. Think of flying really fast and you lose control then you crash. All your hard work and all your money will be for nothing. Flying could be really expensive but with that in your head you would drive with more care and be a better flyer.

Other things to should think when buying your drone to fly is deciding whether you are going to race in a league or just at meetups. If you are going to race in a league, of course, it is going to be more expensive than just a formal racing. Flying drones have Air Frame 4 motors, spares for props and lots of spares RC Flight controller Lithium-polymer (LiPo) battery, and spares FPV Video transmitter (vTx), and receiver (vRx) Radio Control transmitter (Tx), and receiver (Rx) Antennas Battery straps FPV goggles Board camera for FPV feed HD camera for recording (optional, adds weight).

After you have a drone to fly you will need to practice. You do not want to spend all your money on a drone just to crash it. Of course, you are going to crash but practicing minimizes the chance of crashing. You would want to first fly without the goggles and get used to the feel how your drone works. After you get the feel for it, go get yourself a spotter and throw on your goggles and get used to flying your drone with the goggles. It has a different feel but if you could fly you would catch on fast.

Flying and racing are or could be expensive but it is super fun. Once you get the hang of it and you use the goggles, it feels like you are really on an aircraft flying. When you start to practice, remember there are laws about where you could fly. They are different state to state so you would need to look them up for your state. Be sure when you fly you are in a safe place and away from kids or big trees. Be safe when flying and have fun!

Miguel Flores
Miguel Flores
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