Do You Need the Internet For DIRECTV’s Genie?

All DIRECTV receivers work fine even if there is no internet.

Do You Need the Internet For DIRECTV’s Genie?

Genie from AT&T TV is very good. But there is a lot of misunderstanding as to whether you need to connect it to the internet. You will discover different answers on various blogs and also from different DIRECTV people. Let’s have a look at the actual answers and why there is so much confusion.

All DIRECTV receivers work fine even if there is no internet.

This also involves Genies and all earlier hardware. It is a little more complex than that if you glance at it step by step and that’s everything we are about to do.

If your equipment was fitted by AT&T the installer will attempt to connect it to the internet. That is just part of their work. AT&T’s installers are only paid if they perform every perspective of the work. That involves connecting the equipment to the internet. There are two purposes for this. First, they need to make certain that you receive all the features you want.

Another reason AT&T favors connected receivers is that your receivers can send a message to AT&T’s servers if they assume they are malfunctioning. The message is secure and secret, and there is a setting at DIRECTV service to turn off tracking. If a client service sees problems it can take action like making your receiver reset itself in the middle of the night or even asking you to check if you’re noticing a problem.

If you are not connected to the internet some things won’t work.

If your receiver or DVR is connected to the internet you can get all kinds of benefits. For example:

Faster searches

Enhanced Music selection

Pandora streaming music service

Team trackers weather and other applications

Exclusive event channels

Video on demand

You can get a lot of these features below the TV apps menu. You will get there by pressing the right arrow on the remote.

To download programs to your mobile phone utilizing the DIRECTV app you have to be connected to the internet.

Forget of ordering pay-per-view using the receiver

You cant order a pay-per-view from the receiver without the internet connection or phone line connected to the receiver. Most modern hardware does not even have a phone jack and, indeed, many modern phone systems won’t yet work with AT&T devices.

If you buy a pay-per-view without a connection it will work the first time but after some hours you won’t be apt to order anything extra. You can however order PPV online or with the phone and it will run without an internet or phone connection.

You can buy pay-per-view content at DIRECTV or by using the DIRECTV app on your mobile. Pay-per-view content will be free on your Genie even though it's not connected to the internet.

There are several benefits to being connected and that’s why you will see other websites stating your receivers must be connected. It’s not right. If you will lose your internet service or just prefer not to connect your receivers it will work fine regardless.

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