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DJI Has a Winner with the SPARK

I'm a new fan for life.

By Rudi JettenPublished 7 years ago 2 min read

Never been a fan of DJI, and everyone has seen those videos on YouTube of DJI's Inspire/Phantom crashes and flyaways. But let's be honest, it happens to all of the other brands too. So how did it change my mind? This little guy — the DJI SPARK.

It's a little quadcopter with big potential and attractive for women because it's so cute. It fits in a woman's handbag with radio, batteries, drone, and the smartphone, well we always carry that around, so that doesn't count. The quadcopter itself flies rock solid and the camera shoots steady pictures or video at 12Mp.

The color and lens correction are great so you don't have to waste much time to edit them. The props fold together so you can put it nicely in the DJI bag that has enough room for all accessories like spare batteries, the controls, pockets for extra micro SD cards and for the battery charger.

The flying itself is as easy as it gets. When you connect the wifi of the control to your smartphone then you first have to get through some firmware checks and probably update the quadcopter and the control. After that, "Go Fly" is the way to go on the display of your smartphone. But first, before take-off, give the spark a minute to get its GPS fix so that you are sure not to lose it on your first flight. A voice gives you the updates of position, GPS, and battery life.

If it's your first time, just cruise along and get a feeling of the controls. You'll be comfortable with the controls right away and it will glide very smooth in any direction you want it to. Controls for shooting video and pictures are at the back of the control right at your fingertips. If you really want to have some fun flying, you can switch the control to "sport," making it almost like a little racer drone with a much higher fun factor. Batteries last about 15 to 16 minutes depending on the wind and the way you fly. So if you want to have fun for a whole afternoon, you should definitely pick up some extra batteries.

Shooting Video

I love shooting video and making pictures with the Spark. I have only one minor issue which is not the Spark's fault. If you want to shoot video while moving positions with the drone, a 3 axis gimbal is a must have. If you change positions with your drone, then you have to be very gentle with the controls, otherwise, the movement will be too hard and ruin the shot.

This is normally absorbed by the 3 axis gimbal like on the Mavic, Phantom, or bigger. Also, the up/down control of the camera is also a little hard to dose. If you have to record video on a locked position, it's absolutely great; otherwise, it will take some practice.

To Buy or Not to Buy?

If you can't handle the last part of shooting video, then this drone is too small and maybe the Mavic is the right drone for you. All other people can't go wrong with the Spark. You'll be having lots of fun...Go fly....

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