Development Of A Sports Betting App Like Bet365 - Cost Analysis

With the advancements in technology, it is not a Herculean task to develop a sports betting app like Bet365.

Development Of A Sports Betting App Like Bet365 - Cost Analysis

Sports betting has been around and alive for as long as sports have been there. While there can be no questions on how active sports betting is, there has always been a question of legality when it comes to sports betting. However, with the introduction of online betting in 1997, sports betting has been continuously growing with no dips in a graph that has always been pointing up and to the right.

The internet and sports betting had its first romance in 1997. However, it took the revolution called mobile applications to give sports betting a much-needed rocket boost. Sports betting apps meant that people did not have to visit specific websites and physical places to place their bets on various games. All it required was a simple download on your smartphone and a few taps to get into the business of betting.

We call this a revolution because it has been estimated that the international sports betting market cap is worth a jaw-dropping $250 billion. Licensed online sportsbooks alone account for more than $40 billion in revenue. It has created more than 230,000 jobs and more than 21,000 businesses worldwide. This number is quite formidable considering the parallel growth of sports and technology. It can only be said that the introduction of the premier league of all sports and the global reach of a few games that were confined to specific geographies have contributed to this number.

Bet365 - the big-name

It did take a few brands and their steadfast commitment to change the landscape of sports betting and especially sports betting mobile apps. The most common among them are Bet365 and William Hill. William Hill is confined to iOS but it does sport a lot of amazing features like betting insurance.

However, the grammar for sports betting can be credited to this app called Bet365. It is available for the iPhone and the iPad and it also offers a lot of in-play markets. It incorporates an intuitive user interface that enables users to navigate easily through different categories and events. Bet365 can be considered one of the best apps for novice better to start with sports betting.

Bet365 presents a few features that can be considered the most important for any sports betting app. It is important for anyone to incorporate these features while developing a sports betting app like Bet365.

Essential features of a betting app like Bet365

User registration and login - this is the very first step towards getting users to use your app. The user should be able to register using a simple username and password procedure by using the email address or phone number. There should also be an option to login using social media platforms like Google, Facebook and more.

Choose the sport and the player – most of the sports betting apps provide users with a choice of multiple sports like football, cricket, formula 1 and wrestling. The users should also be able to choose the list of players that they would like to bet on. The list should include the names of all the teams and players who play the sport. Including statistical information like historic performance, the performance of the players against the specific team and the ground/sporting arena can be of immense use to new users.

Info about teams and players - to make your sports betting app more engaging and appealing, it is important to have information about the players who are playing the sport. You can also include bits of information about the strength and the weakness of the players.

Live match - the users should be able to watch the game live, using the app. This will ensure that you have a greater intensity of engagement and it will also give users a chance to see how the match progresses. This helps them frame their strategies better. Not just for that game but also for the games in the future.

Betting guide - this is an extremely important and useful feature for amateur sports betting enthusiasts. If your app, in addition to sports betting, can provide guidance on how to place bets on a specific game or team or player, it will be extremely useful and enticing for first-timers.

Choosing the betting model - there are different betting models like check rising, check or call, check min-raise, call, call race, always checking the river, folding the flop, and a lot more. Your app should clearly outline the betting model it uses, or better still, it can give users the flexibility to choose the betting model of their choice.

Choosing the category - just like the difference between models, there are different betting patterns. The users can choose the type of bet that they would like to place in a match. It is to be noted that the type of bet depends on the sports or the game that the bet is being placed on. The different types include handicaps, Yankee, head-to-head, each way, single, patent, and a lot more.

Convert your app into a social network - at the end of the day, your app is almost like a community period all the users who use the app as they are sports betting enthusiasts and bound by similar interests. Therefore, it would be a great idea to create a forum or a community where users can interact with each other and discuss the match predictions and strategies.

Payments - the biggest contributor to the success of sports betting is the prospect of earning money. Your sports betting app should facilitate easy online payments. The payouts should also be instant and it contributes to the appeal of your sports betting app. In the near future, your app also has to accommodate cryptocurrency.

The Administrator Panel

To oversee all the activities on your sports betting app, an administrator login and a panel is required. The administrator should function as the high command of all the activities that happen on the app.

The administrator should be able to manage the users from the vantage point. They should have access to the user details, the betting type, and the amount placed as a bet.

The administrator should also be able to receive inputs from bookies. They can give them a share from the profit and can also set the price based on their inputs.

The administrator also has the power to manage the payments and prices. They can also manage the content that goes on to the app.


Sports betting applications are the future of sports betting and with the growing legal acceptance, it is bound to be a mainstream arm of any sports. For you to be a part of this revolution in profit, it would be a great idea to create a sports betting app like Bet365. You can hire sports betting app development companies to get the job done for you in line with your requirements.

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