Dan Foster Accuses All Social Media of Censorship

Calls for every platform to be closed down and all data mining to be deleted forever

Not a single person has listened to this message according to YouTube

Social media is dead.

Dan Foster writes to his young audience on Instagram and it’s viewed by one person as they all continue to restrict his audience and control his accounts from Switzerland.

#Instagang. As you know I am being blocked and my audience has been restricted across all social media platforms.

The reason for this is because they do not want you to hear what I have to say and they do not want me to talk to you either. That is because they are commercial companies who are wanting to push adverts in front of your eyes and to data mine your information.

Data mining is when every action you make and every click that you take is being monitored by these people. They then take your information and they push adverts in front of your eyes that they think will entice you to buy because they have so much information on you.

What they also do is sell that information to other companies.

They are making so much money out of you when you don’t even realise it! But is the scary bit they know so much about you that they will even make decisions for you that will feel natural and yet they are not your thoughts; they are theirs and you did not realise.

Do you realise just how much information Instagram holds on you and Facebook?

Each and everyone of you is being profiled at this very minute in time. They are extracting information from you. They are finding out everything about you - not for good reasons - FOR PURE GREED.

They are exploiting you.

It’s disgusting and it's insidious and it’s wrong. I will not allow any of them - repeat any of them - to do this to you in a new United Kingdom.

It ends immediately and I will switch every single one of them off.

We will have our own social media without adverts. That is positive. That does all the things that social media currently does. You will not lose out on anything but what you will gain is your freedom to express yourself positively without being data mined. All adverts will be replaced by special shout outs for your friends all over the UK. It’s your space to do what you want and to communicate positive messages to each other.

You can design them how you want - you can upload them when you want, but they will replace adverts. You might be wanting to wish someone “good luck” or a “happy birthday” or want to thank them for a good deed or to tell them they’re “looking beautiful today”. Whatever it is: as long as it showing some love then the space is all yours and the UK can see it. That is a lovely gesture and very kind. #newuk

PS. If you hear anything bad about me. Be strong and totally ignore it. I will openly and honestly discuss anything with anyone if I think it’s appropriate as everyone is entitled to a private life and their own space. We all deserve that and it should be respected.

Remember: They will do EVERYTHING they can to continue their reign of insidious greed and devilry. They will continue to censor and likely attack me. But I personally guarantee you all that I am one of the best and bravest men going. Not perfect, make mistakes; but if you recognise them and learn from them - move on.

I was born to make people happy and that is what I’m going to do.

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