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Cyber Wars: the robot dog with a submachine gun was cracked by hackers and shut down remotely!

Hacker technology

By Nell JonasPublished 4 months ago 4 min read

This is not, you fight with robots, of course, there are corresponding counter-measures.

A blogger active on Twitter and GitHub has published a way to deal with the robot-hacking the robot dog remotely and shutting him down directly.

The cyber war has begun!

Hack that mechanical dog with a submachine gun!

People's fear of a robot dog carrying a submachine gun actually comes from being out of control. What if one day I am judged to be the target for it to kill?

The way to dispel this fear is to seize control of it.

"good news!"

A hacker named d0tslash tweeted, "remember that robot dog you saw with a gun on its back?" It is made by "UnitreeRobotic". Looks like all you have to do is throw it in the trash can. The PDB has a back door of 433MHz. "

In the video, d0tslash shows one of Unitree's robot dogs being powered on and active.

At this point, the blogger showed up with Flipper Zero in one hand, a hacker device that looks a bit like an electronic pet and can send and receive wireless signals over RFID, Bluetooth, NFC and other bands. ?

Press a button on "Flipper" and the robot dog will shut down instantly! ?

So how does d0tslash cut off the robot dog remotely?

After getting one of the robot dogs of the same model, d0tslash started browsing the documents. He found that each dog had a remote cut-off switch connected to the power distribution board, which is part of the machine that transfers power from the battery to each system.

The robot dog will receive a specific signal with a frequency of 433mhz, and if it hears the signal, it will turn it off automatically. Some Unitree robot dogs even have wireless remote controls that can be turned off immediately.

D0tslash then uses Flipper Zero to simulate the shutdown and replicate the remote signal of the robot dog on the 433MHz frequency.

Currently, d0tslash has shared his work and code from remote simulation. This will allow anyone to turn off the robot dog using Flipper Zero or similar devices.

The next thing to see is whether there is any countermeasure for the users of these robotic dogs. If not, these dogs will easily become scrap metal on the battlefield in the future.

Robot dogs carrying guns caused panic, and the cyber war had already begun quietly.

Last month, a video began to circulate on Twitter (above) of an unpainted, scarred, rough robot dog with an assault rifle that could aim and shoot.

The robot dog in the video is recognized as a "tech dog" from UnitreeYusu and sells for about $3000 on AliExpress, which is basically the same in terms of feet, ports and joints.

The gun on the back of the robot dog appears to be a Russian 9x19 mm PP-19-01 "Vityaz" submachine gun, equipped with silencers and red dot optics, cannot shoot automatically and is mainly sold to civilians.

When the robot dog roams around and fires, it sometimes runs to an armored personnel carrier with a unique triangular door, which appears to be an BDRM-2 armored vehicle.

Careful netizens also found that the robot dog was decorated with nylon buckles on both sides, a Russian flag on the left and a wolf head on the other.

In another video on the channel, a man wore a similar patch on his arm. This appears to be a wolf-headed badge, usually associated with Russian special operations forces or snowy special forces (Spetsnaz).

Judging from the video, it seems that there are still many problems to be solved with armed robot dogs. First of all, robot dogs don't seem to be able to handle gun recoil very well. When it fires a bullet, the barrel is lifted up, and it takes a minute for the robot dog to regain its balance. It is impossible to tell from the video whether the robot dog fired the gun itself or, more likely, someone pulled the trigger under remote control.

A similar product is Ghost Robotics's Q-UGVs quadruped robot, which has been building dog-like robots for the military for several years.

Q-UGV is positioned for "perimeter security" or patrol bases, "EOD" or "explosive ordnance disposal" and "CBRN" or "chemical, biological, radiological and nuclear defence", but at a recent exhibition, Q-UGV also carried a rifle.

It is understood that the rifle, made by Nevada-based special rifle company SWORD International, can provide a precise firing distance of more than 3900 feet (1188.72 meters).

So, this robot dog is not only as a scout, but also as a reconnaissance sniper.

Perhaps, the cyber war has already begun.

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