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Craigslist Seattle: jobs, for sale, services, apartments, items wanted

by Md Fahad Alam about a year ago in apps · updated about a year ago
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If you're looking for a job, a place to live, or just want to sell your old junk in your city Seattle, then Craigslist Seattle is the place for you.

Craigslist Seattle is an extremely valuable resource for those of us who need quick cash—or those looking to score some free stuff. Even if you don’t need Craigslist as a job resource, keep reading as it really is the best site in the world. In this blog post, we will go over how it works and what some of the more successful posts have been.

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Craigslist Seattle, Washington State

There are two types of posts you can make on Craigslist, either one time or repeatedly. It’s best to have more than one post since the increase in traffic will attract more visitors. You can also search by category, which is what you should do if you are only searching the site for a couple of keywords.

Image Source: seattle.craigslist.org

If you are looking for jobs, then go to the Job category. If you are looking for something to sell, then go to the For Sale category. This will help narrow down your search more quickly and get rid of posts that don’t apply to what you are looking for.

You can also make posts in multiple categories at once if more than one applies to your search. You should also notice the different sections to be posted in Services, Personals, and Community. If your post is somehow related to one of these sections, you should go ahead and add it to that section too.

Some of the most successful posts on Craigslist Seattle include:

1) Personals: If you’re looking to hook up with someone without really knowing anything about them but their general age and gender, then Craigslist can help you out. The dating section doesn’t draw a huge crowd, but it certainly has its share of regulars who are looking for something a little less romantic—and a little less committed.

2) Jobs: A new college graduate doesn’t need much to get started, but there’s never a bad time to pick up extra cash. Some jobs are more obvious than others, like working at the mall—just be sure there aren’t too many security guards up during the day waiting for you. If not, try parking lots or anywhere else where you can make some money. If repairs are required, Craigslist Seattle will likely be your best bet since they always have plenty of people looking for work.

Image Source: seattle.craigslist.org

3) Gigs: Craigslist is the best place to advertise for temporary work. You can go to the “Gig” section in the For Sale section, where you can list your services ranging from handyman to lawn mowing. This also works if you are looking for something in particular, as a part-time job in a restaurant—just make sure that in your post it says what type of food service that you are looking for.

Image Source: seattle.craigslist.org

4) Rentals: If you are looking around for living spaces in Seattle but don’t want to pay through the nose, Craigslist has plenty of rental listings priced right and listed fairly regularly. Check out places to live near you before you go to the site so that you can avoid the ones that are out of your price range.

Image Source: seattle.craigslist.org

5) Pets: You can find just about anything on Craigslist, even cats and dogs. A lot of people list their pets for sale because they are moving but can’t take them with them. If you have a pet that needs a home, not only is it good for you financially but it is also great for the pet as well.

Image Source: seattle.craigslist.org

6) Electronics: They don’t make many electronics anymore, and the ones that do no longer use up a lot of power. You can find old computers and laptops for sale and even printers and other items like accessories. No matter what you are looking for, Craigslist will likely have it at a discounted price.

7) Furniture: People sell furniture on Craigslist all the time because they need money from somewhere or just want to get rid of it. It is important to match up with the couch you want to buy with the person who is selling it since you want to avoid any problems if there are any issues in delivery or quality.

Image Source: seattle.craigslist.org

8) Cars: Craigslist is a very useful resource for anyone looking to buy a car in the Seattle area. You can find a good deal, whether it’s from an individual or from a dealership, and you can even sell your own car on there too.

If you are looking to buy from an individual you should look for someone who has been in your area for at least six months and has good feedback. Before buying anything from Craigslist, always use common sense and be safe. Do research about the seller beforehand, but feel free to ask them questions too—if they do not reply, trust your intuition before going through with the purchase.

Image Source: seattle.craigslist.org

9) College: Seattle is a tough town to get a job in if you don’t have any experience, but many people still go to college for a good life. If you are looking for an affordable school to attend, then Craigslist maybe your best bet.

10) Services: For estate sale specialists, or even just common people looking to clean out their house or office, this may be the place for you. There are no salesmen hounding you down the stairs so you can go ahead and grab what you need whenever it suits your convenience.


Craigslist is a great way to find apartments or sell your old stuff like furniture or books that you don't use anymore. You can also get access to any services that you need such as computer repair, auto repair or small business listings if you live in Seattle, Washington.

One more thing to know is that Craigslist Seattle is not just for people living in Seattle, you can also access this free craigslist site if you live in any city. You can get access to various services and goods offered by people living in the great state of Washington.


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