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Cost To Launch Your Online Grocery Delivery Business App

by X-Byte Solution 8 months ago in apps
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Launch Your Online Grocery Delivery Business App

The on-demand grocery delivery started years back, but in recent years it has flourished into a successful campaign. Thanks to the grocery e-commerce shopping app that has facilitated convenient and faster delivery of essentials.

Even during the pandemic, online grocery sales witnessed a significant rise and it has helped the grocery industry gain profits in tough times.

A Complete Transformation In The Grocery Industry

Certainly, 2020 proved to be the year of huge returns for the online grocery delivery industry. Some of the giants in the industry could boost their revenues while many start-ups entered the industry to be part of a scalable industry.

Some of the big players in this industry in India are Amazon Pantry, BigBasket, Grofers to name a few. So, if you are thinking about stepping into this domain you need to be aware of online grocery delivery app development to get maximum ROI.

Online Grocery Delivery App – Why Do You Need One?

Today, everything is digitized and every brand has an app. So, you need to have digital infrastructure to display your products or services to sell them effectively in the market.

Just like you need physical space to open your grocery store, similarly, you need a supermarket grocery delivery app which comprises different apps and an admin panel.

Are You Ready To Start Your Online Grocery Delivery Business? Three Different Apps That You Need Are

1. Customer App

Helps customers place orders for groceries online

2. Grocery Store Owner App

Allows store owner to display groceries and accept orders from the customers

3. Driver App

The app is designed for drivers to deliver groceries to the specified customers’ locations

Online Grocery Delivery Market – What Does The Market Survey Say?

Recently, there is a significant growth seen in the online grocery industry at 57% CAGR. These stats are remarkable and exact figures cannot be predicted from 2019-2024.

Talking about the market share of the online grocery market has been huge during the corona pandemic in different countries across the world.

Online Grocery Delivery App Development - Cost & Components

Now, you must have got a fair idea of the components required to make your online grocery delivery business functional. When it comes to designing and grocery delivery mobile app development, it cannot be done on your own. You need a team of technical experts with the right skill set to build an app. So, the best thing is to hire a supermarket grocery delivery app development company to help you.

Collaborate With Expert Mobile App Firm

Do not wait to collaborate with a professional mobile app development company to get your white-label grocery delivery app. Still, hunting for a reliable app development firm? Connect with X-Byte Enterprise Solutions and get a grocery app that helps you enhance the customer shopping experience. Simply share your requirements with us and we will offer a solution.

Whether you need a single-store or multi-store grocery app, we deliver a functional app that caters to your online grocery delivery business.

Tech Specifications – Must Have App Features

Now, let us look at some technical aspects that each grocery ordering app comprises, its features and how does it function?

Customer App

As we learned above that the customer app helps the customer order their deliveries online, let us look at the features available in this app.

Browse Items

Social Media Login

Browse Categories

Browse Items

Payment Methods

Browse Info of the Product

Set Delivery Location Address

Repeat & Cancel Grocery Order

Add/ Remove Product to/from Cart

Schedule Grocery Order

Send Feedback for Items Purchased

Add, Edit & Remove Delivery Address

Live Order Tracking

Membership Program Benefits

Live Chatbot

Notifications features to notify for items in stock

Search Bar to search item/categories

Profile Management

Grocery Store Owner App

Features To Check Out For Grocery Store Owner App

Add items

Add categories

Add banners

Availability toggle

Assign driver

Grocery store profile management

Add offers & discounts

Accept /reject orders

Respond to customer feedback

Add a customer loyalty program

Update order preparation status

Driver App

Features to check out for Driver app

Accept/reject delivery orders

Update order status

Driver profile management

Availability toggle

In-App Live GPS

Payment collection update

In-app calling

Order history report

Order earning report

The features above are essential to launch and run a successful grocery delivery business online. Hence the online grocery delivery app development company you hire need to integrate all these features into your app

Admin Panel

You may not be aware of the admin panel but this is an essential feature that not many app development companies focus on. Well, apart from features related to placing orders, processing orders, and delivering orders, you need to get reports and analytics for your business isn’t it? For this purpose, you need an admin panel.

Features to check out for Admin Panel

Add drivers

Add commission

Grocery delivery business dashboard

Check reports

Check ongoing orders

Check driver’s orders

Check completed orders

Add grocery stores


Check reviews

Order history management

Grocery app development cost

When it comes to grocery app development cost it varies from one development firm to another. It also depends on the location of the development company.

Secondly, the app development costs also vary with the developers’ experience and skillset.

Well, building an app from scratch can be expensive, but at X-Byte Enterprise Solutions,we offer cost-effective readymade grocery delivery apps solutions to help you launch your grocery app faster in the market.

Readymade Grocery Delivery App Solution- The Best Way To reduce time to market for your business

Certainly, when you decide to launch your grocery app the first thing you are concerned about is the grocery app development cost.Well, do not worry as we help you get a cost-effective readymade solution to help you launch your app


Having the basic information about the grocery app development cost,features, and how it functions will help you move in the right direction. If you have budget constraints then readymade app solutions would be the best fit to launch your app.

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