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Coolest Tech Gadgets Made in the USA

Feeling patriotic? Buy American — and check out the coolest gadgets made in the USA.

By James LizowskiPublished 7 years ago 3 min read

Say what you will about the massive amount of cool gadgets produced in China, but American products aren't always too far behind. In fact, many American companies are currently making cutting-edge tech that would impress even the most diehard techie.

Despite all the political turmoil going on, it's important to remember that we're all still American. We should be supporting our neighbors by buying products and supporting local businesses. That doesn't mean we have to deal with bad products.

We all know Elon Musk makes his Tesla products in California, but most of us can't afford to buy those products. These awesome tech gadgets made in the USA are fun, affordable, and surprisingly useful. Buy them, and support your fellow Americans!

This massive conglomerate has gotten a lot of (rightfully deserved) flak for having the majority of its production outsourced to China in the name of cheaper labor. So, you wouldn't usually expect to see any Apple goods on lists of gadgets made in the USA.

However, not all Apple products are made outside the United States. The company's awesome Mac Pro desktop computers are currently being manufactured in Texas, which means they're proudly made in America.

Audiophiles can tell you that Grado Labs is a company that's known for producing incredibly high-quality headphones. What most people, even major music fans who love cool office gadgets, won't tell you is that all the headphones made by this company are produced in New York City.

When talking about kitchen gadgets made in the USA, Vitamix is one of the names that absolutely has to come up in conversation. This company's claim to fame is its powerful blenders and super-fast blades capable of whipping things within seconds.

Vitamix is also known for making awesome cookbooks, filled with easy healthy recipes for families that are short on time, but big on blenders.

Maingear is considered to be the gold standard when it comes to gaming PCs; and has even teamed up with gaming accessory companies like Razer to create unique, limited-edition desktop computers for hardcore PC gamers.

So, you know all the Maingear stuff you've been drooling over? Yeah, it's made in their factory, located in Kenilworth, New Jersey.

Zippo is not just a lighter company; it's the all-American lighter company. Ever since the 1930s, all the lovely refillable Zippo lighters you've been using have been made in Pennsylvania. This shouldn't surprise anyone, though. Zippo lighters are known for being incredibly popular stateside.

Few grill brands are known for being as American as Weber, and that's not surprising. People who want to shop for 4th of July gadgets made in the USA will be happy to know that everything Weber produces is made in America — including the grills.

If you want to be extra Hank Hill about your patriotism, we suggest this propane grill to be accessorized with propane accessories.

Most United States law enforcement workers carry a heavy-duty flashlight from Maglite, and to a point, it kind of makes sense that Maglite's products are some of the sturdiest gadgets made in the USA. They're military-grade and known for being super-bright.

Not all gadgets made in the USA are electronic in nature, or even have metal involved in them. US-based Rite in the Rain makes waterproof journals and notepads that are amazing for office usage — or just writing down notes while you're camping.

This small green tactical notebook is a great companion to any camping trip, or any moment when you want to write poetry in the rain. These are amazing waterproof gadgets that are ideal for note taking in any place, anywhere.

It seems like many kitchen gadgets out there have ties to the United States manufacturing circuit — especially if they're high-end gadgets. A lot of your favorite kitchen gadgets made in the USA can be found in the form of blenders and mixers.

It's a well-known fact that KitchenAid produces most (but not all) of its stand mixers and blenders in the United States.

Some of the coolest gadgets made in the USA come from Fisher — the manufacturers that proudly designed and made pens that work in zero gravity! NASA would be proud of this pen's workmanship, and we're proud of Fisher being an American company.

If you work in a really hectic office, and sometimes take your work home, Fisher pens are the most useful office gadgets you never knew you needed, or wanted to brag about. They're also awesome gadget gifts that cost under $20 a pop — and are totally useful every day.

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