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The Future is Now

Content Marketing Taken to New Levels with AI Robot Reporters

by Andrea Dawson 2 years ago in tech news

Let's take a deeper look at AI robo-reporters and their contribution to the world of content marketing.

Content Marketing Taken to New Levels with AI Robot Reporters

While robots have proven to perform various jobs, especially in the manufacturing industry, more efficiently than humans, those in the writing industry have had nothing to worry about. They knew their jobs weren't at risk. After all, computers cannot think, and hence, they cannot write. Moreover, their internet needs are well taken care of by pocket-friendly NBN plans.

That happiness seems to be slowly fading away, thanks to the rapid advancements in the world of artificial intelligence (AI). You have probably read at least a story generated by AI algorithms, commonly known as robo-writers or robo-reporters without you knowing it.

Currently, robo-writing is being accepted more within content creation; however, it still hasn't been perfected when it comes to high-quality content. Today, we will taking a deeper look at AI robo-reporters and their contribution to the world of content marketing.

Article Automation

As earlier stated, you may have read at least an article online that is automatically generated from a journalistic robot. Several companies, such as the Associated Press (AP), are already employing robot writers. In fact, in January 2015, the AP claimed that it is now automatically creating 3000 news stories about the United States corporate earnings each quarter.

Robots are, however, capable of only creating stories from unsophisticated, quantitative information. This is attributed to the fact that humans have only managed to develop early forms of AI referred to as narrow intelligent. You know what that means?

That is intelligence equivalent or somewhat superior to human intelligence at undertaking very specific low-level tasks. You should, however, expect to see more advanced versions of robot reporters in the near future. These would have the capability to tell complex, emotional, and personal stories.

Namely, AI in its current capability can decipher easily interpretable information, which includes data-driven narratives such as the statistical analysis of a football match. Of course, in this form, robo-reporters can't compose qualitative, complex stories akin to firsthand experience or your favorite novel.

In the long run, however, algorithms will outdo human writers. They will even be more cost-efficient. As a content marketer, you will just need to plug in basic guidelines and install apps; AI will do the rest of the work for you.

More Targeted Content

With the incessant fiddling with newsfeed algorithms, social networks are able to analyze and deliver personalized content display to every individual user. As the algorithms improve, they will be able to learn from their own user experiences, thanks to machine learning functionalities. The social networks will rely largely on AI to personalize newsfeed algorithms to each user.

Combining robo writers and algorithm updates, AI systems would be able to deliver quality and highly accurate stories constructed exclusively for a certain individual. In other words, this is a news article written by a robot specifically with one person in mind for every individual user.

Final Thoughts

In its current form, AI is a tool to enhance efficiency for content marketers. However, developers and researchers are experimenting with morality, consciousness, and emotions in a bid to revolutionize the world of content marketing. Hence, in the future, the capabilities of robot writers and reporters would meet or surpass those of human writers. As such, businesses will be able to generate more content regularly, and writers will have the opportunity to spend their time generating even higher-quality content.

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