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by Lindsay Johnson 3 years ago in social media

A Look Forward

"We will never be free." 

Loading... loading... loading... start. Eerie silence flushed through the Earth like a deadly parasite awaiting to attach to its host, to connect. Little did everyone know just how "connected" they truly were. Full name, email, phone number, password, five things you need to fill up to join in and only five things They need to know from where you are, what you are doing, who you are with at all times to control you. A world brightened by cell phone screens, controlled by computer software without anyone ever realizing it.

Humans have evolved to a more emotionless, mindless state letting likes, followers, and "friends" define who they are and what they will become. User 1 is the exact same way, head down with his phone plugged into the USB port that is in his hand connecting him to the world, connecting himself to a fake platform. Where we feel connected yet truly alone. His eyes roaming the luminescent screen until they became empty voids with no hope of ever seeing natural light, his brain focused on one thing and one thing only. User 1 has a world revolves around social media and because his mind is a blank canvas filled with rumored stories, likes, and Facebook he has missed opportunities in real life. I'm sure everyone can relate to that at some point.

User Social Enthusiast has 741,382 followers on Twitter posting everything about her daily life and blogging for attention until her number of followers doubled in size. She had an actual life before Twitter, Facebook, and Snapchat. But, all things must come to an end at some point excluding the realm of social media that has been a way for people to "connect" for years now. Her real friends vanished with the likes and the retweets, family members put on the backburner of her one track mind. The more her game grew, the more she lost her true self, the more she went into her fantasy world of who she wanted to be yet would never become, her eyes have lost that brightness and in its place is the vision of a random social media page where the followers moved up everytime the old clock ticked, that was the only thing she knew in this lonely life that she truly led. Hence, losing herself to the social media world of 2018.

User Looking In, watching the posts, seeing where everyone was at all times, where his children were at because they never came by to chat face to face anymore. An old man forgotten from his kids and silently mourning the loss of his deceased wife, who had a heart attack after finding out her daughter was pregnant through Facebook without even knowing it herself. No longer his own mind as the reflection of his glasses showed himself liking his own daughters selfie then scrolling on and on until stories blended together into one, another wedding, another gender reveal, all the exact same just in different ways it was presented. His hair graying before social media eye until pictures popped up onto his son and daughters feed with their fathers coffin and the caption, "Wish I could have had more time." With a bunch of people tagged, a never ending cycle. Time does not exist in the social media platform and we'll all wish we could have more time, yet its definition is taken for granted and soon social media is a thief of our time. The old man knew no difference.

Someone else, some other person, some other face, some other life that is not her own yet she has captured as her own identity. Living a lie as if it were hers to keep. Boys, men of all looks, shapes, and sizes giving her attention now that she was pretty, now that she was someone who she actually was not. A middle aged, married lady with two children going through a mid-life crisis that no one completely understood, pretending to be a young woman with so much life ahead of her that the possibilities were endless. How could she ever stop her secret life of another identity when it felt so good, when she felt appreciated, when she felt so much excitement where there was none in her real life? How could a woman ever stop the catfishing, the lies? Men now loved her for the looks she was pretending to have when her husband never did in the first place, the stories she made up about her travels, sharing pictures of places she has never been yet made up stories because her life was so "exciting." Social media is the best place to pretend, to pretend we are something we're truly not, to pretend our life os something worth striving for.

The overwhelming sensation, the stress of being social media famous, nothing is your own, your life, your privacy, privacy is not a definition that exists in her vocabulary. Social media is a place where it is easy to invade, while people no longer care that they are unwelcomed. The attention she once wanted has dwindled to nothing as her fame reached new heights, the paparazzi always waiting with their cameras, people with their cell phones in hand waiting for a picture. No longer wanting to share every little detail, no longer wanting to reveal who her potential next lover is. A glance of hatred, a glance of admiration, every little look either making it or breaking it for the next big hit. Social media prowling in the darkness to sink their teeth into anything that shows a glimmer of weakness, to bring down that famous person who married someone a little less attractive, who got into drugs with no way out because the pressure was just too much.

The one you never thought... the one no one ever noticed. Targeted by peers through the cell phone, protected by a screen that can cause more harm than good. User 1009, a random number, a number no one thinks of. Ten shares, 50 shares, 100 shares, a picture that brought a young man to his knees, a picture that destroyed him through social media and was no longer in control, could no longer handle the words being thrown at him through a screen instead of a mouth. A website for a gun, a website on how to tie a noose, learning many different ways as people continued on scrolling, many people turning a blind eye. Social media does not care, it does not care who you are, what you are doing, it is silent, it is deadly, until it makes itself known. A bang... a screen shatters, keep going, keep going, finally gone.

Bringing people together, tearing people apart. An idea blossomed into a project, a project blossomed into making a difference, until They got bored, until They shut it down with rude words and convincing peoples minds that it would not work, that it was a waste of time. A project that would someday help millions, the project that was shut down through social media. No longer a possibility in this world that needs saving, just another failed attempt that fades with the rest. Bringing people together, tearing people apart.

They are the masterminds behind this evil being that lurks behind our screens, that watch us with information we give out freely. Easily accessed, easily corrupted, another one lost in the pit of despair. They are never seen, never touched, never heard. They are the social media phantoms who suck us dry of our knowledge until we are nothing but shadows of our former selves. They are the creators, the ones who developed this unrealistic world, the one who put these USB ports into our hands. They have turned us into these mindless robots who know nothing except for what is in front of our screens, in front of our eyes that see nothing except for the dreadful stories of humans turning into these creatures, turning into social media addicts. Addicts that will never again know the difference between fantasy and reality.

To embark on different paths each one just as destructive, too many networks, too many wires, all connecting us in some way. All leading to destruction yet us suffering humans not realizing it, never realizing it until it is too late. Humans need this silent drug to keep us sane, yet unknowingly driving us insane without it. We will never escape it, no matter how hard we truly try. Loading... loading... loading... delete.

"It is scary when one is different."

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Lindsay Johnson

Hey everyone! I'm 18 years old with a passion for writing, I hope to submit my work in order to bring fun reads for everyone along with a little profit that all goes towards my education. Thank you for taking the time to read about me.

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Lindsay Johnson
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