Choose to rent cheap VPS or Shared hosting for better Web hosting?

Comparison of Shared hosting and VPS

Choose to rent cheap VPS or Shared hosting for better Web hosting?

The fact that corporations and companies use Website storage space to develop e-commerce business has become popular in recent years.

Therefore, the emergence of many types of Website hosting, such as VPS and Shared hosting, is extremely essential to support the needs of businesses. So between renting cheap VPS and Shared hosting, which solution should customers choose with the most optimal solution?

What is a cheap VPS?

Cheap VPS is a virtual server created by dividing a physical server into many different virtual servers with features such as a server, with its own CPU, private hard drive capacity, private IP address and operating system. onions alone. These servers run as resource sharing from the original physical server.

What is shared hosting?

Shared hosting is a service that stores many different Web sites on a server system connected to the internet. Each Website is zoned separately and does not overlap.

Shared hosting has a limited storage capacity and bandwidth, not expandable. And even with its own operating system, but the customer cannot change it because it shares the same configuration with the Server.

Should rent a cheap VPS or Shared hosting to host the Web?

Through the explanation of the concept as well as the advantages of each of the above types, you must have reached more or less a conclusion for yourself. To help you be more sure, we offer the following specific points:

- For small customers who own an e-commerce website with a small number of visitors (less than 3000 / day), you can use Shared hosting services with small configuration and capacity.

- For mid-range customers who own a Website with higher daily traffic, and need to prioritize bandwidth and data security, you can rent a Cheap Windows VPS to host the Website.

The advantages of cheap VPS rental

- Renting cheap VPS helps customers save maximum costs without having to accompany operating and maintenance costs.

- The operating system installed quickly. Even in the cases of having to reinstall the operating system it only takes 5-7 minutes.

- When renting a cheap VPS, customers easily upgrade the server configuration, bandwidth and traffic transfer according to usage needs.

- Customers have full control over the virtual server to store and process data, as well as set up Web Server, Mail Server or other application servers.

- High security and security by effective anti-virus systems, anti-spam, firewalls.

The advantages of Shared hosting

- Low price.

- Configuration is simple, easy to use, usually pre-programmed on the Server.

High performance on static websites and low traffic.

- Can backup and restore data.

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