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Choose glasses frames wisely against allergies

glasses to avoid allergies

By CheRingPublished about a month ago 5 min read

Today, in the UK, it is thought that nearly 4% of grownups and 8% of kids have allergies of all kinds. Among them is not always popular but is nonetheless a truly troubling allergic reaction every day. Allergy to phenomenon frames appears by itching, feelings of heat, or inflammation on the cheeks or even on the nose. In fact, every part of the skin that the frame touches. When it is necessary to wear your glasses all day, it can rapidly end up being a genuine headache. However, do not panic! It is possible to conquer this pain by appreciating a few guidelines, in particular in the choice of the material of your spectacle frame. Let's find out together how to pick the ideal eyeglass frame to avoid allergies

  • Allergies that eyeglasses frames can cause

Allergies to spectacle frames appear mainly by signs in the eyes but likewise in the contact locations between the frame and the skin. It for that reason affects the cheeks, the nose however also the ears. In these locations, the skin may end up being red, itchy, exuding. Blisters can appear in time. In these cases, it ends up being vital to consult for a diagnosis.

  • How to make sure the allergy is caused by eyeglasses frames?

You should be certain that the allergy is caused by your glasses frames. A visit with the ophthalmologist is likewise highly advised since it is he who can develop a precise diagnosis. As soon as this is done, your physician might prescribe allergic reaction medication. However, these will not enable you to cure it. Another service: to be desensitized thanks to a specialist. However, the procedure is long and not necessarily 100% efficient. The most convenient, cheapest, and most sensible solution will be to alter your frame. When you understand which material you are allergic to, you can select another preferable model.

  • What glasses materials should I avoid?

A big bulk of eyeglass frames are made from the same products. Nickel is therefore found in most metal phenomenon frames made from alloys with other metals. Nickel sulfate allergy is one of the most common, approximated to impact as many as 10% of eyeglass users. This type of allergic reaction is possibly the most limiting due to the fact that, in addition to triggering redness, it triggers extremely uncomfortable itchy eyes which are in some cases scattered. It is therefore necessary to prevent this product as much as possible, especially if you have so-called atopic skin.

For other products, it will depend on the wearer. A few of them can trigger allergies to plastics like PVC or propionate while others will have a response to titanium. These are reasonably rare because they only represent 0.6% of the population.

  • Eyeglass frames that can protect you from allergies

Eventually, it is the best treatment for an allergy to glasses frames Selecting the ideal material will help you avoid frustrations. To make the right option, you can take advantage of the expertise of Visionet opticians to direct you in your choice and hence find the most suitable pair of prescription glasses for you.

  • Hypoallergenic metal frames

To minimize the threat of allergic reaction, it is common to move towards prescription eyeglasses designed in hypoallergenic metal. Among these metals is pure titanium which is thought about to be entirely hypoallergenic. Titanium is a biocompatible material, which implies that the skin tolerates it quite quickly. However, you will need to be really careful to select frames created in pure titanium because some designs, specifically those with shape memory, are made from an alloy that integrates titanium with nickel. This type of alloy is therefore allergenic. Your optician will be able to guide you effectively on this type of frame. Otherwise, remember to ensure that your glasses are 100% titanium or nickel-free. As said previously, some people have allergic reactions to titanium however they are really unusual. Nevertheless, do not hesitate to check with your doctor before purchasing your new set of prescription glasses.

Another interesting metal: is surgical steel or stainless steel. It is a perfect option given that this metal is currently used in surgical treatment, for piercings, and for implants. It's the best metal to pick for those prone to allergies. The intolerant will be delighted to benefit from stainless-steel glasses, robust and light.

Small crucial detail: it is not just the frame that can cause allergic reactions. Platelets in contact with your nose can likewise be accountable! It will then be required to think of picking the product which composes them. Prefer silicone since it is an anti-allergic material. And don't forget to alter them routinely to preserve impressive health and ideal convenience.

  • Soft plastic frames

Some eyeglass frames made from plastic products can cause allergies, however, cases are rather unusual. In fact, the solvents contained in these materials can be irritating to the skin of the most delicate people. This is why it is a good idea to select frames created in cellulose acetate. In addition to being more comfortable, these are made from cotton which makes them perfect for individuals who are typically vulnerable to allergies. In addition, in recent years, cellulose acetates made from natural solvents, natural dyes, and cornstarch have been appearing. The threats of allergy are, therefore, significantly minimized.

In addition to being comfortable, cellulose acetate glasses are offered in lots of possible shapes and provide fantastic resistance with time. They are especially valued by individuals who like to match their eyeglasses with their clothes because of the vast array of colors offered and the shine that cellulose acetate deals.

  • Other natural materials

There is another possible choice but it ends up being a little bit more expensive than the metal or plastic models, you will need to pick natural products for the frames of your glasses. Most of them are hypoallergenic. The horn, for instance, whether it is from zebu, buffalo, Kudu, or springbok, is an outstanding alternative to minimize the problems of allergic reactions. It likewise has the merit of offering very stylish frames. Indeed, this noble material with a high rate is primarily utilized in the manufacture of high-end spectacle frames. Typically used with other natural products such as wood, horn glasses have the advantage of being the result of an artisanal procedure. Handcrafted, they are all various in regard to subtleties, shades, and natural veins. Beauty in its purest kind! Strong and light, silky to the touch, nevertheless, these are frames that need special maintenance and tend to taint somewhat in time.

Thanks to these details, you will be able to uncover the enjoyment of using glasses on a daily basis without impacting your convenience or your health.

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