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Can I See Someone Display Picture And Status On Whatsapp If I am Not In Their Contact List?

by Aamir Kamal 9 days ago in how to

How can you watch the display picture and status of a person if you aren't on their contact list?

Can I See Someone Display Picture And Status On Whatsapp If I am Not In Their Contact List?
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With the advent of WhatsApp, instant messaging has become faster, easier, and more entertaining. It not only allows instant messaging and calls but also supports various fun features such as stories and sharing stuff from social media.

Using WhatsApp is relatively very easy as compared to other messaging tools. Moreover, the app is less often affected by bugs and glitches, that is, if any. Let’s be honest! When was the last time that your WhatsApp had lagged?

The visibility of display pictures, statuses, stories, and the time stamp are all guarded by the user’s privacy settings. This is why you do not have to fear strangers who have your number by chance, peaking into your display photo or your stories.

Can I see someone’s display picture on WhatsApp if I am not on their contact list?

Looking at everyone’s display photo is a guilty pleasure we all secretly enjoy, isn’t it so? But what if you are not a part of their contact list? You were fortunate enough to get your crush’s number, but they do not have yours. Can you see their display picture on WhatsApp? Certainly yes.

Your profile picture can be seen by anyone who has your number saved to their phone, even if it is not the other way around. This is a possibility unless you haven’t blocked someone or limited the visibility of your display photo to your contacts only.

How can I hide my display picture from those not in my contact list?

As mentioned earlier, the app offers privacy options so that your account contents remain protected. To hide your display picture, launch the application and go to ‘settings.’ There, select the icon ‘account’ and then click on ‘privacy.’ You will come across various options such as status, last seen, and profile picture. Go to ‘profile picture’ and customize to ‘My contacts.’ Your display photo will no longer be visible to strangers.

Can I see someone’s status on WhatsApp if I am not on their contact list?

WhatsApp statuses are also trending nowadays. You can set up a status and change it over time whenever you feel like it. Anyone not on your contact list is able to see your status. Similarly, if you have a person in your contacts who don't know you, their status is also visible to you. Unless the privacy settings have been changed to ‘My contacts,’ it is a visible thing to everyone who has your number.

How can I hide my status from those not on my contact list?

Status updates on WhatsApp can also be customized. Simply go to settings and then go to ‘account.’ There, select ‘privacy’ and then click ‘status.’ Here, you will see two options. One of them is ‘My contacts except’, which is useful when your status update isn’t meant for a single person or perhaps a small group. The other option is ‘only share with,’ which can be selected when the status is for certain people only.

Why can’t I see someone’s profile picture or status on WhatsApp?

There are ample reasons as to why a person’s display photo and status update aren't visible to you. When you block a person, not only do messaging and calls become inaccessible, but also, none of their account information is visible to you anymore, including the time stamp (last seen).

Other reasons could be a bad internet connection, a bug in the app that is causing the glitch, or the person might have excluded you from their option to read their WhatsApp status.

Can I make my display picture on WhatsApp visible to selected people only?

No, there isn’t any such option available so far. If you wish for a person to not look at your profile photo, you must block them.

I am not able to view a contact’s profile picture even if their privacy settings allow me:

The application may sometimes lag as well and produce glitches. In case you are not able to access somebody’s display photo even if they haven’t blocked you, try the traditional method of refreshing your contact list. Ask the other person as well to refresh their list. A small trick can be applied here as well. Delete the contact and save the number with a new name. Ask the other party to repeat the same action. The remedy is supposed to work for many cases.

Make sure you have the latest version of WhatsApp downloaded to your phone.

If your WhatsApp data hasn’t been sorted and cleared for quite a while, and the storage space is running low, this too can create hurdles in the visibility of profile pictures and status updates of your contacts. Make sure to delete unnecessary data from the app for smooth and uninterrupted functioning.

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I hope this helps.

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