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Building a tool with CHATGPT

I have created two tools using CHATGPT

By ghadermPublished 10 months ago 4 min read

ChatGPT is an innovative and user-friendly chatbot platform that allows users to interact with an AI-powered virtual assistant

Every day chatgpt becomes more and more popular and a lot of people use it for different reasons. One of the most popular things that users do with chatgpt is coding which is what I tried to do as well

In this article, I will talk about two tools that I succeed in building them by using Chatgpt without writing any code and by using telegram bots because some people can't use the official website so all you have to do is to search for chatgpt bots on telegram

But before we start you should know that I just used Chatgpt for fun and the desire to learn and experience something so these tools won't be super tools like the big tools on the internet and they will have some mistakes but they will give some authority to your business so you can use it in this way and now let's start

1. Email validation tool

You may be wondering, wow email validation tool? that awesome! and yes I built it so let's see how together

you don't need to visit the official website to build such a tool because there are a lot of people who can't access it so all you have to do is to go to telegram and search for chatgpt bots

Now and as you all know I asked chatgpt bot to build an email validation tool and the bot send me a code but it didn't work so I tried a lot to explain how I want the tool and to make it work but nothing worked

After a lot of testing and trying to get a code that really work, I decided to let chatgpt itself tell me how to build an email validation tool using it but the results I get were somehow difficult to do like I had to do machine learning or to use an API or to build a database and connect to with the tool

All these things were really difficult so I decided to start step by step in building the tool thinking that maybe it will work this way so I started by trying to build the style for the tool

I asked chatgpt to build a style for an email verification tool and here was the surprise!! Chatgpt gave me a code for an email verification tool that actually works!! That was awesome

Anyway, the style wasn't that good so I edited the message to tell Chatgpt to make the style more professional so I resent the message and chatgpt really edit the style and made it more professional to use

After I test the tool I noticed that it describes emails from email generator websites as valid emails and I think this is what you should expect from such a tool because if you want to make it very professional you should train your tool by using machine learning algorithm for it and as I said before I just tried something for fun so I didn't bother my self in all this stuff but if you want you can improve your tool and maybe if you play with Chatgpt a little you can let it improve your website without writing a code by yourself.

2. Words counter tool

Another easy tool that you can build with chatgpt and maybe even you can build if you're a beginner with coding by using C++ language

I thought about this tool after building the first one so I asked chatgpt the same thing to build me a style for this tool and Chatgpt built the tool for me but also the style wasn't that good

I decided to resend the message as well but this time I wanted to tell Chatgpt some specific things I want in this tool

So I told Chatgpt to count the characters with the words and also I asked it to show another box for the results and to make the "count" button in the green color

At this time Chatgpt bot did exactly what I asked and the tool was really good

Some tips for you:

1. Using the Chatgpt official website will make everything easier for you because I noticed that the telegram bots don't chat with you in the right way so if chatgpt sent you a code and you want to edit this code you can't tell Chatgpt to edit it, instead, you

should resend the message with the edition you want

2. I saw a lot of people who built professional tools with chatgpt but those people already knew different programming languages so if you know some programming language you can build super tools with chatgpt and if you don't know I think it's worth the effort to learn some programming languages, because you never know, you might be able to build an entire business from this


Chatgpt is a super tool that helps a lot every day and it may help you to change your life by building a tools website with Chatgpt so in this article, I showed you two simple tools that I built with chatgpt which are an email verification tool and words counter tool

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