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Biggest Tech Trends of 2023

Anyone interested in tech enjoys predicting the future of the digital world. Every year, I identify the most significant technology trends that will affect us.

By Michael FortinberryPublished about a year ago 3 min read

These technological trends will be important factors for businesses to be aware of and understand. Below I’ve compiled the top tech trends that will affect us in 2023.

AI Will Be Everywhere

AI will become a vital component of organizations in 2023. With its ease of use, No-code AI will allow businesses to create new and innovative products and services by enabling them to leverage their power.

In the retail industry, we are already seeing the use of AI in order to help customers find the appropriate clothes. For instance, fashion startup Stitch Fix uses AI to help its customers find the ideal clothes.

Autonomous and robotic delivery and shopping will become a huge trend. With AI, consumers can pay for and receive their goods and services easily.

In addition to improving the efficiency of various business processes, AI will also help retailers automate their inventory management. This will allow them to focus on their core business and deliver more effective and convenient customer services.

As retailers introduce new autonomous delivery programs, more and more workers will need to learn to work alongside machines.

The Metaverse Will Become More Real

The term metaverse is becoming a shorthand for a future where people can work and play on a persistent program.

According to experts, the metaverse could add around $5 trillion to the world’s economy by 2030. 2023 will serve as the year when the future of the metaverse is defined. Expect more digital environments where people will brainstorm, meet, and collaborate.

Several companies, such as Microsoft and Nvidia, are currently developing platforms that allow people to work on projects in the metaverse.

We’ll see the development of more advanced avatars that allow people to interact with others in the metaverse using their body language and gestures. In the future, the development of AI-enabled avatars will allow individuals to act as their own representatives in the metaverse even if they’re not logged in.

These metaverse environments are already allowing companies to conduct onboarding and training. For instance, Accenture has created a virtual office environment called the NthFloor. This allows employees to complete their tasks without going to a physical office.

Green Technology Will Progress

The world is facing one of its biggest challenges in recent history: putting the brakes on carbon emissions to address the climate crisis.

In 2023, we’ll see the continued development of new technologies that can help cut down on greenhouse gas emissions. One of these is the development of green hydrogen. RWE and Shell are developing a pipeline that will allow them to deliver clean energy from wind farms in the North Sea.

In addition, we’re also expected to see the development progress of decentralized power systems, which allow people and communities to provide their own power. This type of energy generation can be used by individuals and communities to provide electricity even when the main grid isn’t available. Despite the dominance of energy companies, decentralized energy initiatives can potentially help decrease carbon emissions and democratize the energy system.

Progress in Web3

In 2023, blockchain technology is predicted to advance as companies create more decentralized services and products.

Currently, most of our data is stored in the cloud. However, if we can decentralize the storage of our data and encrypt it using blockchain technology, it will allow us to gain new ways to analyze and access it.

Non-fungible tokens (NFTs) are expected to become more practical and usable. For instance, if you’re going to a concert, you might end up with a ticket that allows you to get backstage experiences. These are also the keys that allow us to interact with various digital products and services.

Originally published on Michael Fortinberry's website.

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