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Best Wi-Fi Hotspots You Can Buy in 2018

Stay mobile in 2018 with these Wi-Fi hotspots!

By Izzy ErlichPublished 6 years ago 4 min read
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Like it or not, we are always in need of internet service and connectivity. It's one of the most terrifying facts about the internet. Though most of us have wireless data plans that are becoming more and more generous as time passes, it still comes in far more affordably to use Wi-Fi networks or a Wi-Fi hotspot with our mobile devices. Thus, we seek out that local or chain coffee shop or other public hotspots to access the internet.

Yet when we want security and control over the speed of our internet connection, it is our own Wi-Fi hotspots that make all of the difference. As one expert has explained, it is only through the advent of personal Wi-Fi hotspots do we have "the ability to stay connected without utilizing our smartphone battery life, data or network."

Yet, as we know, no two modern products or services are identical, and if you wish to get the most out of your wireless data plan, 4G LTE, and mobile networks, you need to have devices that can get you connected wherever you like, whenever you need it, and entirely in your control. We don't want to worry about when the internet goes down. That is why we are going to look at the best quality Wi-Fi hotspots for 2018.

Make Your Own Mobile Hotspot

Don't worry about finding free Wi-Fi when you can turn on your Wi-Fi network from anywhere. We are going to consider the highest rated Wi-Fi hotspots and look at such factors as their battery life, the numbers of devices they will support, and even their pricing.

Rating as a critic's favorite is the Verizon Jetpack AC791L, and as you might think, you can purchase it directly from Verizon, but also a major retailer like Walmart. With more than 20 hours of battery life and dual function as a phone charger, it is certainly reliable. It can handle up to 15 devices connected to the hotspot and is unlikely to experience lack of coverage thanks to Verizon's massive network. Data plans range widely and this is one of the few Wi-Fi hotspots that can travel the world with you and work in over 200 countries. It's remarkably affordable price is also a bonus.

Another top rated option is the AT&T MiFi Liberate 4G LTE Mobile Hotspot. With a touch screen display and top of the line coverage, it is a solid choice. It can support up to ten devices while remaining one of the fastest on the market. It has six data plans and a reasonable battery life.

Next in line is the Jetpack MiFi 6620L. Another Verizon product, it is super-fast and works in over 200 countries, as well. It can connect up to 15 Wi-Fi–enabled devices to 4G LTE and 3G. It has 20 hours of battery life and doubles as a universal charger for external devices that need battery life. The Jetpack also provides some of the finest security available in wi-fi hotspots with a secure password and parental controls.

Of course, some look for Wi-Fi hotspots or a mobile hotspot that is dedicated to data only, and for that the Netgear's Unite Explore 815S 4G LTE is a good choice. Described as a rugged hotspot for those who want a lot of battery life, it has up to 15 device connectivity and even dust and water resistance. It is easy to tote and features a USB charging port to allow the device to double duty as your phone charger. With 22 hours of battery life, it operates almost anywhere in the world, and is not dependent upon a specific network if you purchase the unlocked option. Instead, just use the SIM slot to purchase local SIM cards and get the best number of hours of data access.

The Netgear Unite Express features a 2500mAh battery offering around 10 hours of solid 4G LTE speed with 10 WiFi enabled devices. It also has a standby time of 240 hours before needing charged again. Plug and play so you can quickly get online from any device.

With the mention of unlocked options, we will mention the popular Huawei E5770. Ideal for the global traveler, it is an unlocked wi-fi hotspot, but does not interact with the 700MHz band in the United States. This does not mean you cannot use it in the U.S., it simply means that faster speeds may not be accessible. It has a 20 hours battery life and can allow up to ten devices to automatically connect.

If you want coverage abroad, and in the US, two models are recommended. They include the GlocalMe G3 4G LTE Mobile Hotspot which relies on the proprietary Cloud Sim tech of the manufacturer. You need only use local SIM cards (in more than 100 countries) to get fast speeds and plenty of accessibility. It can handle roughly five devices at once and has around 15 hours of battery life.

You might also want to consider the Skyroam Wi-Fi hotspots if you are a global traveler. This enables 3G speeds in over 100 countries. It can operate up to five devices and has around eight hours of battery life. It uses a "day passes" approach of unlimited data at ten dollars per day, and you just activate it in each new country using a simple three step protocol.

The KuWFi 4G LTE mobile router offers high speed Internet wherever you go and connects up to 10 wireless devices. It's small, portable, and easy to use on top of that! What will you do with all your Wi-Fi? Learn how to get into the dark web?

Mobile Wi-Fi on the Go

Image courtesy Maya Maceka

So, don't keep worrying about a strong cellular signal gobbling up your data plan or high costs for access when you can invest in one of these top Wi-Fi hotspots. Remember to determine if the devices are locked (i.e. you are stuck with a single provider) or unlocked and able to allow you the flexibility of the best providers via SIM card or data plan purchases.

While it can feel easier to just turn on a phone or device and use your data plan, the costs are exorbitant when compared to the purchase price and monthly fees of any of these premium Wi-Fi hotspots!

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