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Electric Skateboard Backpack

By Lion JamesPublished 2 years ago 5 min read

The Skateboard Backpack is one of the most convenient ways to store your electric skateboard while commuting to different places via foot or in a vehicle. It’s easy to carry, preferably lightweight yet durable, and offers spaces other than for electric skateboards, so you don’t have to carry an additional backpack.

We will be reviewing 5 of the best electric skateboard backpack here and see how they stand against each other. Are they good enough for their prices? Would we prefer them for rough use, or perhaps you need to be more careful in handling them? What about their durability and reliability… can you rely on these bad boys? Let’s find out.

Best Electric Skateboard Backpack

The Best Electric Skateboard Backpack will always depend on your specific needs and preferences. But generally speaking, I consider the estate backpacks made by Slick Revolution and Alter Bags to be the industry standard. These backpacks use a universal design, which means that they can accommodate and effectively transport nearly any size or brand of electric skateboards.

It’s hard to overlook the extreme fun that comes with a Best Electric Skateboard Backpack, but many people might forget how practical these devices can be. Owning an electric skateboard has been great for my commute. I sometimes even look forward to going to work because of the exciting skating that the commute now entails!

But the weight of an e-board can make it a bit hard to do longer commuting. For me, the toughest part of riding long distances is having to occasionally carry my skateboard around. Holding a thirty-pound device while riding on a bus, train, or car quickly becomes a hindrance. While several options exist to help riders cope with the weight of their boards, e-skateboard backpacks are one of the most popular ways to mitigate the burden of carrying a skateboard. Some companies are even creating unique backpacks that can carry your board, electronics, and even your books too!

Buying a new backpack for your electric skateboard is often a bit more complex than it might initially seem; there are several major things to consider.

Why use an Electric Skateboard Backpack and bag? 

You may be asking yourself the question: why should I use an electric skateboard backpack at all? After all, the whole point of an electric skateboard is to avoid walking around with it. Your concern makes sense! E-boards are primarily for riding. But sometimes we want to take the e-board away from home. Sometimes we want to make weekend trips or longer travels. When skating to and from a destination becomes infeasible, carrying your board around will become a necessity. 

But anyone who’s had an electric skateboard should know that they pack some serious weight. Carrying your device by hand will quickly become a terrible chore. A good electric skateboard backpack can make carrying your device a breeze.

Okay, I own an electric skateboard and it is awesome, but how do I travel with it? 

If you want to travel with your Electric Skateboard Backpack for long distances, a backpack will be indispensable. A backpack to hold my board? What a brilliant idea! These bags allow you to free both your hands when you need them. Anyone who skates has experienced the struggle of holding a grocery bag in one hand and then trying to answer your phone while holding your e-skateboard in the other should know how important it is to have a way to reliably hold and transport your board. Buying food, a train or bus ticket, or calling someone with your phone are all things made possible when you don’t have to either ride or carry your board by hand everywhere. 

Today I will be talking about electric skateboard backpacks. These devices have a number of uses, but they’re especially helpful for skaters who are traveling or moving locations.

Buying Guide

Best Electric Skateboard Backpack

If you wish to buy the best electric skateboard backpack, you need to keep a few things in mind. Certain factors will ensure that you choose a sturdy backpack. They are:


The first thing that you should be looking for in the best electric skateboard backpack is its size capacity. It is the most crucial step in getting a skateboard backpack.

Several skateboard backpacks are usually designed according to the standard electric skateboard size; however, some are smaller and designed more minimalistic. Others are larger, which offer compatibility for longboards.

You should be careful in picking out the right size. Too big, and the skateboard might fit in the backpack, but it will move around so much it will be the most uncomfortable experience of your life ever. The movement will disturb the overall weight distribution, and you wouldn’t want that. Trust us!

Too small and well… we don’t have to tell you the consequences then, now do we?

Straps and paddings:

Make sure that the backpack you’re getting has at least proper curves in the shoulder straps, just like school or college bags. Although not many electric skateboard backpacks do offer the feature, the ones that do are a grabber.

As for the paddings, the more, the merrier. If there’s minimal padding, then at least make sure that the shoulder straps have proper padding, and the lower portion of the back has enough padding, which ensures to balance out proper weight distribution for the backpack, so there’s the least amount of strain on your back and neck muscles.


Although for most people who get the best electric skateboard backpacks, storage is not a primary option, it should be for someone who cannot carry multiple bags and backpacks at a time.

If you’re looking for a backpack with good storage options, allow us to suggest looking for those with at least a space for up to 15-inch laptops. Too big, and the overall weight of the backpack (plus the weight of added skateboard) might become too much to shoulder.

Also, if you’re more of an athletic person than an academic who needs to carry a laptop everywhere, make sure to look for ones that have plenty of room to hold all your different accessories; wrist bands, water bottles, proteins, and energy bars.


Best Electric Skateboard Backpack

It’s not easy to find the best electric skateboard backpack for yourself. There are so many things to consider before you get the right stuff. But the bright side is that you can always look back on this guide and see our favorite electric skateboards to give you a starting line


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