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Best 2020-21Useful Tips to Convert YouTube Videos to MP3 Using Converter

by Ashish bairwa 11 months ago in how to

Best 2020-21 Updated Tips How to convert YouTube videos to mp3

Music videos are an entertaining and enthusiastic source of promotion which is very vital for enhancing the marketing of that particular video. This is done to increase the viewers and subscribers of that particular video on the various social media platforms such as YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, etc.

what is a free converter to make mp3 of YouTube videos

Although certain times there are some videos available on such platforms that are not available in the audio format. Users find it difficult to listen to such videos as audio so further converters are used for converting this particular video into an audio format.

Some YouTube videos to MP3 Converter is VLC, Free-make video converter, Free Video to MP3 converter, Wonder-share video converter which can be easily downloaded and can be used to convert particular video files into audio or MP3 files.

Video files are converted into audio files because they are much compatible with devices and don't acquire much space or storage of phones or laptops as compared to the audio files.

So below is a small tutorial that has specific instructions on how we can convert a video into mp3 using a converter.

Steps to convert YouTube videos To Mp3 Using Mp3 Converter

Step 1 - We need any specific video which could be of any song or any study tutorial.

- So the specific video should be downloaded first and it should be saved in a specific MOV format.

Step 2 - Next step is to choose the converter which is convenient for our use.

- So as per our preference we will choose an MP3 converter for converting the particular video into audio.

- This particular tool should be downloaded to our phone or laptop from the play store or internet so that a particular audio file can be extracted from the video file using this specific feature of this application.

Step 3 - Now we need to upload the video which needs to be converted into audio from the specific location of our smartphone or laptop.

- The video should be downloaded and should be saved in a phone in Google drive, drop box or either we can upload it from the hard drive.

- We can also directly copy the link from the source and can paste it into the converter for audio conversion.

- In the given option " Choose File " the particular video needs to be uploaded for conversion into audio.

Step 4 - The sampling rate and audio bitrate settings can be changed according to the preference for normalizing the conversion procedure.

Step 5 - If the video is long all the necessary parts of the particular video should be cut down using the feature tool, I.e., trim audio.

- Using the trim audio option the video is trimmed and is further reduced in size which makes the conversion process faster.

Step 6 - After the additional settings have been adjusted as per the preference so the next step is to click on the necessary option which will convert the video file into an audio file.

- As the file is also uploaded previously so we need to click on the option " Convert File " which will perform the necessary process of conversion.

- After clicking on " Convert File " the conversion process will start depending on the length of the video.

Step 7 - The video will get converted depending on its size as if the file is large then it will take a bit but if the file is small then the video file will get converted into an audio file within a few minutes.

- On top of notifications there will be a progress bar that will show us the status of the file conversion.

- As soon as the conversion is done the particular music file is automatically downloaded and saved in our files.

All these vital tips are specified in a detailed manner to make the process of video conversion into audio or YouTube videos to mp4 Converter easy using a converter. Significantly more than files can be converted depending upon the necessity and also paid file converters can be used for advanced work systems.

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