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At MWC 2023, ZTE Envisions Digital Innovation and Embraces Digital Intelligence

The digital wave is sweeping in, and the digital transformation is accelerating to affect all aspects of life, from individuals to organizations and from production to everyday activities, driving new growth in numerous fields and making the world more intelligent and connected.

By Susan ScavaPublished 12 months ago 4 min read

At MWC 2023, ZTE brings new insights into the digital innovation era.

MWC is an annual feast in the telecommunication industry. This year, it will serve as the stage for ZTE to show its new achievement in cloud network core capability innovation and commitment to digital innovation. At MWC 2023, as digital transformation accelerates, ZTE is eager to collaborate with global customers and partners to deepen cooperation, facilitate an intelligent future and low carbonization, and jointly achieve more values.

ZTE Insists on Its Business Philosophy.

Despite the increasingly complex and uncertain external environment, the digital economy continues to display vigorous vitality. Supported by digitalization, intelligence, and networking, our world is converging and evolving at an amazing speed, reshaping human society as a whole.

Being a digital native enterprise, ZTE Corporation will continue to uphold its business philosophy, which pursues "simplicity, agility, and openness for win-win," leveraging momentum and accelerating its evolution. For innovation and breakthroughs in the deterministic field, ZTE will strive to harness innovation for simplicity. The past decades have witnessed ZTE’s efforts in DICT innovations. ZTE has always been promoting computing and network convergence and has worked hard to break through the boundaries of hardware and software integration. It will explore more optimal and to-end solutions to benefit a global scope.

ZTE Envisions Digital Innovation.

At MWC 2023, ZTE also shares its future innovation exploration in fields full of commercial uncertainties. ZTE will remain agile to explore and embrace new opportunities. Internally, ZTE steps up efforts in fundamental capabilities with extremely flexible components for quick implementation. Externally, ZTE insists on scene traction to quickly release minimum viable products (MVPs) and continue to iterate for various scenarios. Pulling together customers and partners, ZTE targets to construct an ecosystem that is both digital and intelligent for greater openness and win-win.

Inspiring the MWC 2023 with the insight of shaping digital innovation, ZTE points out that we are in an era of data explosion where new developments in computing and communications infrastructure are necessary to address a range of challenges such as the slowing down of Moore's Law, narrowing the gap to the Shannon Limit, the chase of green and sustainable development, and digital security. The core of shaping digital innovation lies in the deep convergence of computing-network and an application-driven digital infrastructure upgrade.

In terms of the infrastructure level, the core is to address the performance and efficiency of the computing network. Priority should be placed on the mode of chipset design with Domain Specific Architecture in order to achieve the continuation of Moore’s Law. What’s more, through hardware acceleration such as smart NICs and DPUs, the synergy of hardware and software optimization can be deepened to achieve the optimal performance and efficiency of matching scenarios.

In terms of the application level, the core is service extension. Firstly, through innovative breakthroughs in 5G-A/6G, all-optical mesh, RIS, and with the help of space air-ground integrated networks, we can expand the service coverage of the network. Secondly, the application boundary is extended through deterministic network services, the integration of communication, sensing, computing, and control, etc. Finally, the boundary of capabilities is extended by building the new DPU-centric architecture and stronger cloud-network integration.

In terms of the ecosystem level, the core is to build a more diverse ecosystem on the new digital infrastructure and establish a stronger value chain. Even under a multi-vendor and multi-cloud setting, the unified quality service integrated with connectivity, computing and digital capabilities can be realized. Meanwhile, ZTE will also join hand with its partners to ensure sustainable development by running green, secure and intelligent business operations.

ZTE Embraces Digital Intelligence.

Enterprises attending MWC 2023 are all industry leaders, and ZTE is, of course, standing at the forefront of digital innovation. This year, ZTE aims to seize the opportunity to embrace change and actively explore new growth opportunities. While staying stuck to its strategy and target, ZTE will chase steady growth through pragmatic efforts and keep on promoting digital transformations. ZTE will make greater progress in operational processes.

Specifically, in product planning, ZTE will continue enhancing its ICT capabilities, and construct competitive advantages in product design, research, development, and delivery, catering to user needs. ZTE will design and develop a full set of DICT products and practical integrated solutions to ensure technological leadership in the first curve and improve competence in the second curve.

In market expansion, ZTE will probe into more diversified digital scenarios, joining hands with operators, partners, consumers, and enterprises. With enhanced product capabilities, ZTE will further expand and explore a new field, for example, auto electronics and renewable green energy.

In organizational design, ZTE will invest more in digitalization, to construct a highly resilient and eco-friendly company. It will attach importance to research and development to create cutting-edge technologies and solutions, and work closely with our customers and partners to co-create value and drive the sustainable development of the digital transformation of the industry.

At MWC 2023, ZTE stresses that it will continue upholding the values of integrity, innovation, and excellence. It will focus on its core businesses and continuously improve our operational efficiency, while actively exploring new business models and enhancing our capabilities in innovation and development.

In conclusion, the digital intelligence era is full of opportunities and challenges. ZTE will embrace change with an open mind, and work together with our partners to shape digital innovation and create a better future for all.

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