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Artificial Quantum Intelligence (AQI)

The next phase of AGI

By Dave H.Published 3 months ago 3 min read
Artificial Quantum Intelligence (AQI)
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Artificial Intelligence (AI) has been a buzzword in all of science and technology. It has been long since the rise of chatGPT and countless other AI tools has made our jaws drop. Before chatGPT, we heard rumors about AI creating fabulous art which was a blow to artists. Rumors eventually became news articles and the art generating AI we know from watching documentaries now became a tool in the smorgasbord of applications in one of our portable computers.

Many people in the tech industry thought AI would soon take over the jobs of computer programmers. However, the demand for programmers didn’t plummet at a rate conjectured by many.

But, what is AI and how far does it go before it replaces every single job on planet Earth?

As a matter of fact, AI is nothing but a computer, in a process called Machine Learning, is trained on colossal amount of data referred to as dataset. It takes high-end computers called server farms to train the computer with the designated dataset. The dataset can be a huge collection of text files which contain phrases, image or audio files that may be labeled or not, based on the algorithms used in the Machine Learning to turn a programmatic computer to an AI.

Despite the extensive AI research going on, the potential AI will soon hoist on humanity would not have that much of a chance to entirely replace human intelligence.

Human intelligence is not only about speaking language or creating art. It is a result of a tapestry of neutrons working in tandem to trigger feelings and emotions which can not be bulged in a dataset or any physical form. Feelings and emotions along with thought determine whether a person excels in Science, Math, Art, Music, Writing, Creativity, … so on and so forth.

“We are what we think, all that we are arises with our thoughts. With our thoughts, we make the world”, Buddha

If a random human being wants to build an ecosystem on Mars (thought), all he needs to have is the determination (emotion) to do it and analyzing the path that leads to the desired goal. A puny amount of fear or self-doubt might result in misfiring the goal. Tuned to the right frequency of vibration, however, manifests a series of events that guides him towards his goal. To the other end of the spectrum, there are gazillions of thoughts cluttering the mind at any instant that can sabotage the manifestation process.

Among those thoughts and worries would be ‘do I have the technology to terraform a fraction, if not the whole of the planet?’. It is customary to notice a large portion of society and elite groups sparing a great deal of attention to meditation and yoga that have been around for millennia. This would definitely help in taming the mind and direct it towards less agitation and worries.

After gallantly getting over the impending hurdles, he will finally success in building an ecosystem on Mars.

What is all this manifestation process?

Well, long story made short, the quantum world is at work.

Every thought, feeling or emotion is energy or vibration with a particular frequency and all animate and inanimate objects in the universe vibrate non-stop. The human brain, which is he powerhouse of intelligence, functions in an infinite set of possibilities which also entails boundless manifestation processes. It is this existence of infinite possibilities that is called Quantum Phenomenon.

So what, in plain English, is Quantum Reality?

Quantum mechanics is best defined by the famous thought experiment, Schrodinger’s Cat, where a hypothetical cat is placed inside a lethal box and it is not possible to determine with certainty whether it is alive or dead, because of the condition of the subatomic particles upon observation implying that the cat is dead if the box is opened and observed or alive otherwise. Paradoxical, isn’t it?

So, how on earth would computers be capable of possessing Quantum Chromodynamics in their circuitry?

From the grand scheme of things, not in the near future.

Tech giants, however, are marching towards research and development in Quantum Computers, which will beget Artificial Quantum Intelligence (AQI).

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