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Are You an INFJ?

If you are, then you are very rare

By Greene BrookPublished 9 months ago 3 min read

Did I come off weird during that conversation that happened like months ago? They smiled so, they took it well. Sounds like you? Do you always find yourself replaying scenes in your head whenever you hang out with other people? Ruminating a situation constantly is strong indicator that you're not just introverted but likely an INFJ.

An INFJ means a person who is majorly intuitive, feeling, and judging. INFJs make up 2% of the world population in personality types.

In a world where extroversion is deemed the standard, introverted persons can get lost and feel invisible.

However, I find the INFJ fascinating because I am one. I recently did a Myers-Brigg personality test and now I am better able to understand my psyche and behaviors in general. I would also encourage you to take any personality test (which are free BTW) to learn more about yourself. But if you already identify as an INFJ, let's find out what makes you unique.

1. You have brilliant brain

You are drawn to deeper and philosophical types of subjects. You likely try to find answers to the meaning of life. This means you like learning and probably have a long list of your favorite authors. This makes you an interesting conversationalist which can be impressive to a lot of people.

2. You are an empath

As an empathetic person you can easily sense people's moods or emotions than the average person. This also makes it easy for you to keep close relationships as friends and family feel that you get them.

3. Yo are very sensitive

Do you find yourself taking on the suffering of others? You get sad when someone else is sad and get happy when their moods lift up. You also find that sounds or scents to be irritating. On the flipside, being overly sensitive can make you exhausted as you are bombarded with a myriad of emotions.

4. You have firm principles

It is not easy for others to sway you away from a position or belief. You also take your values seriously which makes you seem stubborn. That's a good thing especially when facing a morality issue.

5. You are a people magnet

You get noticed in a crowd without even trying. It could be how you move or talk to people. People find how you think and relate to them as very interesting and want to be closer.

Someone who doesn't play games with emotions can be such a refreshing experience for anyone.

6. You have a tight circle

As an introvert you tend to prefer afew special connections. You could have 1 or 2 friends who you like spending time with. This is usually due to you craving deep and authentic connections than having a crowd.

7. You are prone to being a co-dependent

A codependent is someone who is affected by the actions and behaviors of others. For example families who live with alcoholic tend to be codependents because they focus a lot of their energy on calming down multiple situations caused by the troubled family member.

Your personality makes you easily focus too much on others and their problems forgetting about yourself. If your are not careful this may cause you to be stressed out and resentful.

8. You are super loyal

Loyalty is becoming more rare in today's world. You tend to be loyal to those close to you and this makes them stick by you. It also means you make the ultimate potential spouse for anyone as you will always have their back and never betray them. Just watch out for those who might want to take advantage of you.

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Greene Brook

Introvert who prefers to experience her world through the written word.

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