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Amit Bhardwaj, Gain Bitcoin on Top of the Bitcoin Game

Here's where Amit Bhardwaj sees the cryptocurrency market in the years to come.

By Andrea DawsonPublished 7 years ago 4 min read
Top Story - September 2017

There are few people in the world of Blockchain and Bitcoin who are on top of the game like Amit Bhardwaj. A renowned speaker and author, he has written and published some very famous e-books concerning Blockchain and cryptocurrency. His books include Cryptocurrency Trading for Beginners, Cryptocurrency Mining for Beginners, and his most recent masterpiece, Cryptocurrency For Beginners. Amit Bhardwaj's has become very popular among those who are brand new to the field of Blockchain and cryptocurrencies.

Amit Bhardwaj has always believed that there should be standard practices in the area of cryptocurrency and ICO, so he founded MCAP Labs. Amit Bhardwaj's organisation plans on doing this by offering services and support to the community in ICO evaluation and research in the field of cryptocurrency and mining investment.

Amit Bhardwaj Gain Bitcoin CEO has this dream: he wants to build an ecosystem of products based around cryptocurrency, Blockchain, and Bitcoin. Amit Bhardwaj has always believed in Bitcoin. He was one of the first ones in India who ever did. That is why Amit Bhardwaj invested in most of India's first generation entrepreneurs. Amit Bhardwaj has always prided himself on being an optimist, and one thing he has always been optimistic about is Blockchain and Bitcoin in India. And though India has come a long way, Amit Bhardwaj says they have a really long time to go.

Why Amit Bhardwaj Is so Optimistic

Amit Bhardwaj has said, “This is the best time for us Indians to participate in the Bitcoin and blockchain revolution. We are seeding a great investment opportunity for all, and this could be there best benefit of having a huge blank slate of a completely new industry.” What Amit Bhardwaj is talking about is the changes happening in India.

In India and around the world, cryptocurrency is gaining a growing acceptance. But unlike how it used to be, this trend is unlikely to slow down. And this is why Amit Bhardwaj has been pursuing it since 2010. Though Bitcoin prices have seemed unstable in the last decade, seeing how the price has risen as of recent is something amazing. This thought is supported by industry experts, especially those such as Amit Bhardwaj.

Though other cryptocurrencies are climbing in the ranks, Gartner made this mention in one of its reports, " ... a subset of digital currency that is decentralized, and based on a set of algorithms and protocols that enable a peer-to-peer, cryptographically based payment mechanism, medium of exchange and store of value.”

Is Bitcoin here to stay?

There are quite a few big name players in the cryptocurrency and payment network Unocoin. Gain Bitcoin, Zebpay (an app-based Bitcoin exchange), BTCXIndia, Coinsecure, GBMiners, and many others. They all have recently announced that Bitcoin has reached the all-time high of $3,000. Sandeep Goenka, co-founder and chief operating officer of Zebpay said, “Amidst positive global adoption, bitcoins globally have seen 300% increase in value over the last one year."

He continues to explain, “In the recent past, countries around the world including, Japan, Russia and Australia have shown greater acceptance to bitcoin as the mainstream currency, with bitcoins continuing to dominate cryptocurrencies market with the overall market capitalisation of over $46 billion."

Goenka went on to explain that Japan has finally declared Bitcoin as a legal tender, which caused cryptocurrencies to increase 80 percent globally. Then there is Australia who began to accept Bitcoin as of July 2017. Russia also has announced it will take adopt Bitcoin in 2018.

Indian Government Wants to Drive Blockchain

Amit Bhardwaj has been predicting what is now happening in India. He said in an interview, “India is still getting there, but before the full-fledged acceptance of bitcoins, we will need a policy-level framework to come into existence. People need to know that these transactions hold legal tender before they can start using bitcoins at scale.

“Once the government or RBI recognises it, then there will be no looking back as the talent pool in India is so huge that within weeks we will have multi-fold adoption of blockchain technology in various fields which will pave the way for cryptocurrency to be integrated seamlessly,” said Amit Bhardwaj in an interview.

Amit Bhardwaj Gain Bitcoin CEO said that Bitcoin has witnessed a slow beginning in India. But now India is seeing a time where even the banks are beginning to acknowledge its power. According to Amit Bhardwaj, Bitcoin trading has grown rapidly in India, at an estimated Rs 500 crore every year, and 50,000 Bitcoin wallets in operation and 700-800 Bitcoins being traded every day.

The government has been urged by the Digital Asset and Blockchain Foundation of India (DABFI), a self-regulatory body jointly set up by India-based Bitcoin startups Zebpay, Coinsecure, Unocoin, and SearchTrade that works to lay down regulatory regimes for the digital currency businesses. This is the same type of function that Amit Bhardwaj and his organization MCAP Labs. What makes MCAP Labs more amazing is that Amit Bhardwaj has been seeing this for some time.

What to Expect From Blockchain and Bitcoin in the Future

Just like Amit Bhardwaj, all of these organizations are working for the same thing in India: they want to show the Indian government technologies that can propagate best practices that digital asset businesses should abide by in India. They hope to do this by offering consultations with regulators, industry, and other stakeholders.

Amit Bhardwaj is seeing his dream come to fruition. The Deputy Governor said about Bitcoin, "Bitcoins have acquired value. They are being used for settling varieties of economic transactions. People are using them as investment also. And a store of value. So currency is being eliminated."

After Gandhi pointed out Bitcoin's many accomplishments, he gave a few reasons why "the masses" may decide against using it, stating that Bitcoin has only succeeded only in its "initial rounds and circles." Gandhi has also claimed that this confidence in Bitcoin, or the other cryptocurrencies, is restricted to those who adopted it in the beginning. So, it still seems India and Amit Bhardwaj have much work ahead of them.


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