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All You Need To Know About USB OTG

All You Need To Know About USB OTG

By Delhi MagazinesPublished 3 years ago 3 min read

USB OTG or USB On-the-go is a small adapter, cable, or connector designed to use USB flash drives and other USB hardware with mobile devices. Now you don’t need to depend on a PC to run a flash drive. You can access a pen drive on your smartphone. It is an excellent addition to mobile devices from manufacturers for users who want to store sensitive data of mobile devices in a safe place. You can access the stored data of a portable pen drive or flash drive anytime and anywhere and share data with removable storage.

How can you use a USB OTG?

Manufacturers turn towards USB Type C devices, but you can still use an OTG with both micro USB or USB Type C devices. You can consider a different adapter or connector based on your device type to use a pen drive or flash drive. If you have a device with a Type C port, you can go for a Type C flash drive instead of using a Type C OTG.

How to connect a USB OTG with a smartphone?

First, to use a USB OTG with mobile devices, you have to connect the flash drive with the USB cable.

Now you have to connect OTG to your smartphone. Before connecting OTG, ensure that you have enabled OTG connection in the device settings if your device doesn’t show any notification about OTG connection.

Open the notification drawer from the top of the device. Sometimes, it can appear automatically.

Click on the USB drive.

You are now all set to explore data from the pen drive.

Does your smartphone support USB OTG?

Almost every current Android phone has the support of USB OTG. But if you don’t know whether your device supports OTG or not, you can check the OTG compatibility of your device by using USB OTG Checker apps.

Do you know Partial OTG Support?

Partial OTG support occurs when a smartphone’s hardware allows an OTG, but the software doesn’t allow it. If you see such things with your smartphone, you can deal with it by using apps like USB OTG Helper that will help you enable USB OTG. Please note that if your device’s kernel version isn’t compatible with OTG, these apps won’t help you.

The best uses of a USB OTG

Use as an external storage

If your device doesn’t have enough storage to store photos, videos, and other data, you can expand the storage using a pen drive through USB OTG. It works on both smartphones and tablets. Nowadays, flash drive manufacturers are making drives that can directly plug into devices with Type C ports. You can take advantage of a USB adapter in case of a regular pen drive.

Apart from using flash drives to expand storage, you can also consider a driver with an SD card reader.

Use USB microphones

If you record video for your YouTube channel or your personal needs from your smartphone, you can use external microphones with a USB OTG for high-quality audio.

Use keyboard and mouse

If you want to improve the typing experience on your smartphone or tablet, you can use an external keyboard through a USB OTG. Also, you can use the mouse with your phone or tablet using USB OTG.

It is all you need to know about a USB OTG. Read the full guide to learn everything about an OTG cable, connector, or adapter.

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