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A Step-by-Step Guide to Purchasing Top Paid Games

Top Paid Games

By Rahul ShakyaPublished 2 months ago 7 min read

The App Store offers plenty of games for you to enjoy, but some stand out as true gems - games with incredible gameplay, stunning visuals and smooth experiences that are worth paying for. Check out these top paid titles now on App Store.

Minecraft is a massive open world game that gives players complete freedom to explore and construct whatever they like in a vast world environment. It is an excellent way to relieve stress or spend quality time with friends.


Minecraft, with over 126 million monthly active players as of 2020, has captured the imaginations of people from different age groups, countries and cultures around the globe. More than just an ordinary video game, its global reach and innovative gameplay has created a world full of endless possibilities that has also had an effectful influence on gaming industry and culture in general.

Minecoins allow players to rapidly accelerate the progress in the game and are available across numerous consoles, smartphones, tablets and computers. Prices of games on each platform may differ; players may even purchase additional 'Minecoins' in order to hasten its progression.

Minecraft's popularity has skyrocketed over recent years, appearing in movies and TV shows alike. Minecraft has even become an educational curriculum staple; teaching children coding skills and basic mathematics through immersive environments like Moonpreneur provides immersive learning programs that empower young minds for success in future endeavors.


Castlevania, with its legendary fanbase and addictive gameplay and unique ambience, remains one of the most beloved PC gaming series.

The original game's success set the foundation for an ongoing franchise that would see several sequels as well as inspire an animated TV show and rock musicians. Unfortunately, however, 3D entries struggled to match 2D games' success and many fans became disappointed that so much had changed from its roots.

While the Belmonts and Dracula remain at the core of this series, other characters, friends, relatives and foes appear throughout. Many serve as obstructions or serve as puzzle pieces that serve to further engage players.

3D games feature Metroid-inspired gameplay that allows players to explore interconnected towns, graveyards, and forests at their leisure. Each world constantly changes as new items unlock or the day/night cycle affects its environment, enemy spawns, or weapon availability.

Dead Cells

Dead Cells is an exceptional roguelike-Metroidvania game that draws players in with its high-quality production and fast gameplay. Pixelated action moves smoothly with royal vampire vibes that recall Castlevania titles; defeated creatures drop cells that can be used to unlock weapons, abilities, armors and upgrades.

Popularity has propelled it to reach an impressive milestone in China; over five million downloads in just two years is an astounding accomplishment and speaks volumes for its quality and demand for immersive mobile games.

Dead Cells has proven immensely popular, helping Valve to remain profitable despite having to raise prices in some regions due to region hopping exploits. Even so, this highly rewarding game remains at an excellent value - whether you prefer fast-paced roguelike action with dark fantasy world or simply seeking an engaging combat mechanic; Dead Cells should definitely be on your play list!


Grimvalor could easily be mistaken as just another Dark Souls-esque game, but it actually incorporates elements from various other genres to craft something truly original and enjoyable. The fluid movement of its protagonist allows them to dash, jump and wall run across an expansive world full of enemies who could strike one blow and end your adventure immediately.

Combat is straightforward at first and becomes more complex as you gain levels; yet even at its simplest it remains enjoyable, providing ample opportunity to juggle enemies and chain together satisfying combos. Meanwhile, an unassuming story provides clues to a world in danger as you search texts for details.

Direlight's Grimvalor has earned widespread acclaim due to its compelling gameplay, offering an engaging sense of discovery while unlocking each nook and cranny of Vallaris, an ancient kingdom filled with perilous monsters and hidden secrets waiting to be unearthed.

GTA Vice City

GTA Vice City's success can be attributed to its immersive 80s setting, excellent music selection, and engaging story. Furthermore, this game also boasts challenging missions with hidden collectibles that may take some time and dedication to complete.

Re-releasing the game in 2017 addressed some issues plaguing its initial release, such as improved control, framerate and streaming issues, better draw distance, as well as expanded sandbox access for boats and aircraft use.

Vice City is Rockstar's most varied and detailed digital city yet. Inspired by Miami Vice, Vice City features references to glam metal music and synthesizer pop, organized crime, styled cars, pastel suits, as well as police officers Cracker and Butts who resemble Sonny Crockett and Ricardo Tubbs from that television show. When players reach 3-star wanted status they are pursued by these officers with Cracker being their main antagonist as the game goes into full force against them - making Vice City truly iconic in terms of design!


Developer Martin Jonasson wanted holedown to capture an emotional experience. His goal was to capture that thrilling feeling you get from playing brick breakers when balls sneak behind blocks and create that satisfying flurry of bouncing action - and it succeeded admirably!

Mobile games provide an immersive, tactile experience when operated with fingertips and require intuitive design to succeed. Holedown stands out as an exceptional example in this regard, expertly smoothing out its original genre into something entirely unique and captivating.

Minimal visuals are enhanced by charming touches, like an adorable cheering fellow and the unique ragdoll physics which allow players to push and pull blocks more actively than in most brick-breakers. At only $3.99, this combination of peggle, pachinko and strategy fulfills an unmet need in mobile gaming - though longer sessions might wear thin its pace out quickly.


Downwell is a simple game requiring only three inputs -- left-right movement, jumping and firing the gun boots downwards -- that manages to become something greater than its parts. Combining classic elements from Cave Story and Spelunky while being faster-paced and more challenging.

Immersing yourself in the flow of jumping onto enemies, shooting them, and maneuvering midair is an exhilarating thrill. Over time, you will learn wall jumping as an effective method for both dodging enemies and expanding combos.

Downwell is an unforgettable and highly addicting vertical shooter designed to keep players busy for hours on end, yet only costs one dollar! Use Steam's price chart below to keep an eye on its price and take advantage of discounts available in various bundles; available on Windows, Mac OS and iOS through its official website and the App Store for downloads.


Evoland is an adventure role-playing game that chronicles the history of video gaming from monochrome to full 3D graphics, including all forms of gameplay systems such as monoliths to full 3D graphics. As you progress through Evoland, new technologies and gameplay systems become unlocked so that you can experience different eras of gaming - including references and humor throughout this exciting journey through time! It offers an entertaining experience for those interested in this subject matter.

The game offers multiple gameplay styles that change periodically to keep the player engaged, such as sections similar to early Legend of Zelda games or Diablo-esque play styles - although without being overburdened with unnecessary gimmicks. Thus ensuring it never becomes boring or repetitive.

This second game in the series is an incredible upgrade from its predecessor. Where the previous title lacked depth or story, this version expands on those elements to create an expansive and more intricate experience.

Final Fantasy VIII

Final Fantasy VIII's 1999 blockbuster success took the franchise in an entirely new direction, focusing on characters like SeeD mercenary Squall Leonhart from Balamb Garden fighting to overthrow sorceress Edea's Republic of Galbadia and restore order in Balamb Garden.

It marks the first entry in the series to feature realistic character models with enhanced graphical capabilities, using motion capture technology to make their movements more natural. Furthermore, its battle system differs significantly from previous entries - players stockpiling magic-related items before "junctioning" them for increased stats.

Final Fantasy VIII proved immensely popular with gamers worldwide. Director Yoshinori Kitase expressed surprise that the game has endured so long considering its "small but fierce fanbase and outrageously beautiful world-building." Though, he does regret not adding characters voices at an earlier point when sound effects had reached movie-quality quality.

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