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A Royal Unraveling: The Complexities of Queen Khazeka and King Dalindyebo's Brief Union

Stuart Mkatywa

By Stuart MkatywaPublished 5 months ago 3 min read

In a surprising turn of events, Queen Khazeka Nolulabalo Mcinga Dalindyebo and AbaThembu King Buyelekhaya Dalindyebo find themselves at the crossroads of separation, a mere three months after their union. The abrupt end to what seemed to be a promising marriage has left the public intrigued and the royal couple grappling with personal and marital challenges.

Nolubabala 'Babsi' Mcinga, a distinguished businesswoman, author, and philanthropist, took on the regal title of Queen Khazeka upon her marriage to King Dalindyebo. At 42, Queen Khazeka had envisioned spending her first Christmas as Abathembu Queen, but the reality has turned out to be far from the joyous celebration she had anticipated.

Amid the turmoil of her personal life, Queen Khazeka is also mourning the loss of her close friend, the renowned singer Zahara. This additional layer of grief has compounded what she describes as "one of the toughest times" in her life. The challenges extend beyond the emotional strain of bereavement, delving into the complexities of her marriage to King Dalindyebo.

In an interview with ZiMoja, Queen Khazeka opens up about the difficulties she faced within her short-lived marriage. She shares that her nightly prayers, a deeply ingrained spiritual practice, became a point of contention with the King. Despite initial expressions of love for her faith, King Dalindyebo later expressed disdain for her midnight prayers, creating tension within their relationship.

The Queen further reveals that her marriage has been marred by internal family disputes and controlling behaviors exhibited by the King. According to Queen Khazeka, the King labeled their union as a forced marriage, and she found herself in a tumultuous situation where he would alternately leave and check on her. The King's influence extended to the point of dictating her communication, as she alleges he monitored all her calls due to her refusal to comply with his demand to not own a phone.

The Queen discloses that she is currently in hiding from her husband, seeking refuge from what has become an emotionally and psychologically taxing situation. Reflecting on her predicament, she expresses her astonishment at the unforeseen consequences of loving a controversial king, emphasizing the impact on her career, which she had built long before their paths crossed.

The unconventional nature of Queen Khazeka and King Dalindyebo's union is highlighted in a statement released by the Queen. In August 2023, the King proposed marriage to her without adhering to the long-standing tradition of lobola. His justification for this departure was rooted in his newfound commitment to Christianity and adherence to divine commandments. The King approached the Queen, expressing his unwavering faith and fervent prayers for a woman of God to stand by his side. Persuaded by his promises and the shared vision of serving the Lord together, Queen Khazeka accepted his proposal.

However, the statement also unveils serious allegations against King Dalindyebo, including accusations of incest and undisclosed transgressions. These revelations cast a dark shadow over the integrity and reputation of the Royal Family, particularly affecting the Queen. The accusations not only destabilize her spiritual well-being but also have a detrimental impact on her professional pursuits and interactions with clients and stakeholders.

The Royal House, fully aware of the disturbing claims surrounding King Dalindyebo, finds itself paralyzed with fear. The statement suggests that the fear stems from the deep-rooted love and adoration the nation holds for their ruler, creating a reluctance to seek outside assistance that could provide medical attention and necessary support for the King.

As Queen Khazeka navigates the complexities of her unraveling marriage, the public is left with a glimpse into the intricate dynamics of the AbaThembu Royal Family. The situation underscores the challenges and pressures faced by individuals thrust into the spotlight through royal unions, where personal choices can have far-reaching consequences on both personal and public spheres. The narrative of Queen Khazeka and King Dalindyebo's brief union serves as a poignant reminder of the delicate balance between tradition, personal faith, and the harsh realities of public life.


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