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A Comprehensive Guide to Mastering Your Outdoor Adventure

From Backpacks to Bedding – Crafting the Perfect Camp Experience for Every Enthusiast

By MauricioPublished 3 months ago 4 min read

Summer's highlight is the impending adventure, and after setting out for camping, what's better than grabbing your backpack, inviting your companions for an amazing vacation, and heading to the countryside to get lost in the mountains or the enchanting woods, next to a fantastic river? The best part is setting up the tent, preparing for a night full of adventure, and realizing that this thrilling experience is just around the corner.

For such escapades, a basic kit is essential, and I'm here to guide you on how to pack a backpack for two people ready to embark on a camping journey with the essentials for the 34 data zones in Chile. Let's take a look at everything we have here. The zones are divided into four categories: mild, temperate, cold, and extreme, the latter being with snow and rain, i.e., the Antarctic territory.

Starting with the backpack, it's commonly measured in liters, indicating its volume or size. When buying one, specifying the liters, like 80, 40, or 50, is crucial. Imagine a one-liter milk carton; it can fit 30 times inside a 30-liter backpack. However, the most crucial factor is its resilience and comfort. Classifying a backpack by the weight it can carry is an error; it's the back it supports. Therefore, we categorize backpacks by liters.

Another misconception is thinking that for longer trips, a larger backpack is necessary. It's not true. A smaller, more comfortable backpack is better. For smaller journeys, you don't need to carry fewer things. A viable, more comfortable backpack distributes the total weight on the shoulders, leaving 40% on them and 60% supported on the hips. Hence, the bottom belt is crucial. When packing, place the heaviest items at the bottom. When adjusting, tighten the top straps first and then the lower ones.

Choosing the right tent is crucial. If you're heading to a rainy place, make sure to pick a tent that can withstand rain. For instance, in the south, where I'm going, I purchased a tent that claims to endure up to five thousand millimeters of water, meaning five tons of water falling on it before it starts leaking. Always be cautious, especially in the south, where rain is a constant.

Setting up camp, we start with a groundsheet to protect the tent's base from stones, branches, and twigs. Surprisingly, this tent is assembled starting with the rain cover. The poles and tensioners are installed first to stretch the rain cover tightly, and then we hang the tent from the attachments on the rain cover. This design provides insulation between the tent and the rain cover, protecting us from cold, wind, and moisture.

The unique feature of this tent is the gap between the canopy and the rain cover, providing significant airflow. The canopy never touches the tent, and these tents are made for entering with your feet. Some are narrower at the shoulder part, allowing one to open the side and exit immediately without crawling through the whole tent. To enhance privacy and organization, we've added a dressing tent that also serves as storage, keeping things neat and ensuring the campsite remains organized.

This compact dressing room functions remarkably well. Properly managing space in your tent allows you to circulate without tripping over anything. I always prefer to stay in the south for at least ten days, ensuring I have everything I need for a comfortable stay. Every detail, even the closet for clothes, is considered, making the camping experience enjoyable.

Moving on to the bed, there's a variety of sleeping bags for different climates. A polar sleeping bag is fantastic for colder nights in the south. The sleeping bag should match the climate and your body size. The mattress choice is equally important. I prefer the foam mattress for its comfort and insulation from the ground. For the companion who desires more comfort, an inflatable mattress is an excellent choice. It provides more cushioning and is self-inflatable by unscrewing the valve and allowing the foam to expand. This type of mattress offers a softer surface, enhancing comfort.

Regarding load management, we've categorized it into heavy, medium, and light loads. The heavy load includes items like the kitchenware, cooking fuel, and all kitchen-related tools. The medium load consists of a water container, solar lamp, and a multi-tool. These are better if the companion carries them to distribute the weight evenly. As for light load, it goes on top and around the periphery for easy access to essentials like the flashlight, knife, first aid kit, and toilet paper.

Now, with everything packed inside an 80-liter backpack, let's explore the kitchen essentials. Finally, considering all aspects of camping, from the gear to the kitchen and closet for ladies, we have ensured a comfortable and organized campsite. Embrace the summer, go out for a stroll, and embark on a camping adventure. It will be extraordinary.

Friends, until the next episode, salute to the Curacó de Vélez friends. It's essential to bring these coverings to protect against rain in the south. The store offers various sizes, and you should choose one that matches your tent's size. As you noticed, we used a smaller one on the floor to fit the tent's size. If it's too big, it won't provide sufficient protection. With this information, make the most of this summer, go out, and enjoy camping. It's all within reach. Cheers!

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