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7 Best Google AdSense Choices You Must Try in 2022

by Jasper about a month ago in product review
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Some are better than Google AdSense.

Are you looking for the best Google AdSense option to monetize your website?

One of the best ways to make money from your blog is to use Google AdSense. It is the largest content-targeted advertising network, supporting millions of bloggers and content creators.

If you're just starting out on a blog, you'll need to get Google AdSense approval first. For beginners, AdSense is the perfect ad network for making decent money online easily. However, being approved by Google AdSense is a difficult order that frustrates many. If your content doesn't meet Google's criteria, it's 100% likely to be rejected. Even if you get approval, it's easy to rely on a single source of income. The best solution is to monetize your blog with other Google AdSense alternatives.

Besides Google AdSense, there are hundreds of other options you can use on your blog. Some of them don't even require high quality content or XXX traffic. The AdSense alternatives below aren't as good as Google AdSense, but they're decent enough to boost your blogging career.

Depending on your blog's traffic and niche, you can make a fair amount of money with the AdSense options below. So if Google AdSense rejects you several times, you won't lose hope. This is the best Google AdSense option for your blog you have to try. 7 Best Google AdSense Choices for 2022

The table below outlines the seven Google AdSense alternatives for 2022. We've attached a sign-up link to each AdSense alternative so you can easily register here.

1. Media.net

If other ad networks can compete with Google AdSense, it's nothing but Media.net. This is the second largest contextual advertising network in the world. Media.net offers high quality ads like Google AdSense. In addition, if your blog is getting traffic from the US, UK, and Canada, your blog is more likely to be approved. However, if your blog only attracts Indian visitors, feel free to apply. Media.net requires high quality English content for blog approval.

The minimum withdrawal amount is $ 100 and you can use PayPal and wire transfers to deposit funds into your bank account.

2. Propeller gauge

Propeller Ads is one of the best ad networks to help monetize your blog with different types of ads. There are no minimum standards for placing ads on your blog. Instead, paste the code into your website and it will be approved immediately (after validation).

Popular ad types offered by Propeller Ads include native ads and smart links. Recently, Propeller Ads added another ad type (Web Push Notifications) to its list. If your users allow push notifications to be displayed, you can monetize your ads even after they leave your page. Other ad types include pop-under ads, interstitial, and so on.

The minimum withdrawal amount is $ 25 and you can use PayPal, Payoneer and wire transfers to deposit funds into your bank account.

Sign up for Propeller Ads here

3.3. Amazon Associates

Amazon Associates is a popular affiliate network among bloggers and earns commissions every time they sell. You may have heard about this, but you may not know that Amazon Associates also offers native display ads called native shopping ads.

With native shopping ads, Amazon displays product ads related to your website's content. If the user clicks on it to sell it, an affiliate fee will be charged. It's like making money from a link, but you don't have to paste it manually. The only downside to this monetization method is that you don't get anything from clicks or impressions. Payment will only be made if the user makes a sale.

The minimum withdrawal amount is $ 10, and you can receive funds using Payoneer, bank transfers, and Amazon Gift Cards.

Sign up for Amazon Associates here

4. Sovrn // Commerce (formerly VigLink)

Sovrn // Commerce (formerly known as VigLink) helps you monetize your blog by monetizing your site's outbound links. VigLink also adds affiliate links to all the products you mention on your website. When a user clicks on that link to sell, they will earn affiliate commissions. It's one of the best ways to monetize your blog and make a fair amount of money. This type of advertising network is suitable for fashion blogs and blogs with many product links.

With a minimum withdrawal amount of only $ 10, you can use PayPal to deposit funds into your bank account.

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