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5 Google Adsense Alternatives for Monetizing Your Blog in 2023

Blog Monetization Got Easier

By Paul EnitanPublished 6 months ago 4 min read
5 Google Adsense Alternatives for Monetizing Your Blog in 2023
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Many bloggers and website owners get stuck with getting their blogs monetized via Google Adsense. This might be because you are not getting some things right as regards the Google Adsense blog monetization terms and conditions or your website isn’t one that can be monetized via Google Adsense.

Whatever might be the issue, there are other Google Adsense alternatives that you can leverage for monetizing your blog or website.

Some of these alternatives have easier setup and instant monetization process when compared with Google Adsense. Another exciting thing is that you can have one or two of them set up to serve Pay-Per-Click (PPC) ads on your site alongside Google Adsense for extra monetization.

Without further ado, let’s see them.

1. Ezoic

Ezoic is a display ad advertising network that allows bloggers and website owners to earn more revenue from their website traffic compared to Google Adsense.

It requires no complex sign-up process and it’s also free to join. All that is required by publishers (website owners) to join Ezoic is just an email address, a password created, and you are good to go.

There are a lot of analytics features available on the platform for publishers to have real-time data on how and what is generating revenue on their websites.

The minimum monthly payout threshold on Ezoic is $20 and payments are sent to publishers via check, PayPal, Payoneer, and Wise.

2. Star-Clicks

Star-Clicks is an advertising network and a great Google Adsense alternative for website owners and bloggers.

The platform has an easy signup process and requires no minimum traffic for publishers to monetize their websites with their (Star-Clicks) display ads.

Star-Clicks has three publishers’ account plans: Silver, Gold, and Platinum.

The Gold and Platinum plans are premium plans that allow publishers to get access to monetize their websites with display ads from Star-Clicks by copying and pasting a line of HTML code to their websites.

The Gold and Premium plans are priced at $29.95 and $69.99 per month, respectively.

Publishers subscribed to the Gold plan get to earn $0.01 per ad click made from their website and a maximum of $5 can be made daily from ad clicks.

The minimum payout threshold for publishers on this plan is $50 (paid bi-weekly). Payments are sent to publishers via PayPal and Bitcoin.

On the other hand, publishers subscribed to the Platinum plan get to earn $0.02 for each ad click made from their website and a maximum of $10 can be made daily from ad clicks.

There is no minimum payout threshold for publishers subscribed to this plan.

If you’ve got a substantial amount of daily/monthly traffic to your website, subscribing to Star-Clicks premium plans can be a good option for you to monetize your blog.

NB: Do not try to self-click the displayed ads on your websites as this can lead to permanent restriction/ban of your account by Star-Clicks.

3. PropellerAds

PropellerAds advertising network provides a variety of ad types such as push notifications, onclick ads, in-page push, interstitials, and smartlinks for publishers to monetize their websites.

This Google Adsense alternative is free to signup and suitable for monetizing a new blog as it requires no minimum requirement for site traffic. Your account gets approved as soon as you sign up on PropellerAds and you are then ready to monetize your website via display ads.

You can utilize PropellerAds alongside Google Adsense or other alternatives for extra PPC monetization of your blog/website.

The minimum payout threshold on the platform is $5 through PayPal and payments are sent monthly.

4. ylliX

ylliX is another beginner-friendly Google Adsense alternative for website monetization.

There is no minimum traffic requirement required for account creation — just an email, password, and basic profile information required from users.

The display ad types available on ylliX include banners, in-app, pop-ups, push notifications, sliders, anchors, etc. These ads are effective for displays on mobile and desktop devices.

The minimum payout threshold is $5 via PayPal. Payments are also sent daily.

5. Mediavine

Mediavine is quite different from the previously highlighted Google Adsense alternatives because there is a need for website owners/bloggers to have 50,000 minimum monthly traffic to their website for acceptance into the Mediavine publishers’ program.

Another uniqueness of this advertising network is that it is tailored for lifestyle-niche blogs/websites with published long-form content.

So, if you are a lifestyle blogger or you have a website is in the lifestyle niche with these requirements, you can try signing up as a publisher on Mediavine.

The minimum payout on Mediavine is $25 for PayPal and direct deposit (or $200 for international direct deposit).

There you have it — 5 Google Adsense alternatives for monetizing your blog. You can monetize your blog with these alternatives in case you find it hard to meet Google Adsense approval requirements or you need an extra way to monetize your website if you’ve already got Google Adsense approval for your website.

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