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5G Technology and Covid-19

by Amanda Spradlin 2 years ago in pop culture

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April 4, 2020

The evolution of mobile wireless communications from 1G to 5G has been a worldwide competition which began in the 1980’s. Ever since, civilization has been consistently receiving technological upgrades incrementally every decade. The country of origin and decade for each generation of technology, as retrieved from Verizonwireless.com, is listed below:

• 1G – 1980’s Japan

• 2G – 1990’s Finland

• 3G – 2000’s Japan

• 4G – 2010’s Norway and Sweden

• 5G – 2020’s China

The worldwide WISDOM initiative stands for the Wireless Innovative System for Dynamically Operating Mega-Communications and is described as a novel concept that is evolutionary towards a new era of international communication and connectivity (Prasad, 2014).

WISDOM operates based on the formula:


This formula indicates that total energy is approximate to the amount of mass (data) transferred at the fastest speeds possible through the unified inner workings of 5 independent vectors of technology: Content, Communication, Connectivity, Convergence and Co-operation, as shown in Figure 1.

The current main objective of WISDOM is to provide high data rates of 1 terabyte per second for the GIMCV, which stands for the Global Information Multimedia Communication Village and is represented in Figure 2. As you can see, it includes the entire planet. In order to reach such high speeds of transference of massive amounts of data, a frequency range of at least 60-300 Ghz is needed using millimeter waves. To exemplify perspective, 4G technology operates at a frequency of 700 Mhz on radio waves. The difference between Ghz and Mhz is exponential. 1 Ghz reflects 1 billion cycles per second, while 1 Mhz only reflects 1 million cycles per second.

In 2015, the electromagnetic radiation exposure guidelines set by the Federal Communications Commission was 6 Ghz (Wu, Rappaport & Colins, 2015). The limit set by the International Commission on Non-Ionizing Radiation Protection was 10 Ghz. Even for research purposes, exposure time to frequencies over 30 Ghz was limited to 6 minutes for occupational/controlled exposures and 30 minutes for uncontrolled/general population exposure. At the quantum levels required for the use of 5G technology of 60 Ghz-300 Ghz, the exponential difference can become catastrophic to the environment and mankind.

These frequencies expose the population to much higher levels of electromagnetic radiation and increased gravitational force. At such high rates, energy absorption is no longer confined to the surface layers of human skin and can penetrate deeper into cellular tissue. Therefore, a specific absorption rate or SAR is unable to be determined for compliance purposes. Instead, a measure of power density or PD is considered for exposure to higher frequencies like those transmitted by millimeter waves in 5G technology. Due to its increased absorption, Dr. Yael Stein of Jerusalem’s Hebrew University wrote to the FCC Commissioners and U.S. Senate committee regarding his concerns of people actually becoming walking conductors of 5G radiation and stressed that the negative impacts exposure may have on babies, pregnant women and the elderly were still unknown (Wendorf, 2019).

Still, the competition for connectivity continued and on November 1st, 2019, China formally announced the deployment of over 86,000 5G base stations, with plans for up to 130,000 by the end of 2019 (Craven, 2019). The first case of Covid-19 in China has been traced back to November 17th, 2019 by U.S. Intelligence (Ma, 2020). However, Chinese Officials have denied this and have contended to say that they remained unaware of the virus until late December (Moore, 2020). Either way, it has been reported throughout the Chinese media how beneficial 5G technology has been for them during the pandemic (Pan, 2020). According to a report published by China Daily, the network has been utilized to enforce social distancing and carry out a wide range of services such as robots delivering drugs and cleaning or disinfecting hospital rooms, guiding travel routes, checking temperatures and even offering medical advice.

Is 5G technology aiding in China's recovery from Covid-19?

Or, is the constant, increased exposure of electromagnetic radiation from 5G technology the cause of Covid-19?

Humans and technology are both forms of intelligence. One is natural, one is artificial. When a human body is biologically threatened, it creates an immune response. When a computer is systematically corrupted, it malfunctions. Both can be due to a virus. If humans can become conductors of 5G radiation because of its increased absorption into skin and its potential power density, then groups of people coming together would create hot spots of the electromagnetic energy, just as hot spots of Covid-19 have been recently identified. This would support and further validate the importance of handwashing, not touching your face and practicing social distancing as currently recommended. Moreover, it would also explain the new addition of Milk-Fat Globule Membrane to infant baby formula, as it would support growth of the immune system and essentially the development of a thicker skin in order to promote and encourage adaptability of humans to higher frequency technology in future generations.

Introduced by Einstein in 1905, the theory of special relativity explains that energy equals mass times the speed of light squared with the formula E=MC2. This describes how energy and mass are connected and interchangeable for objects moving at the consistent speed of light in a straight line (Redd, 2017). In 1915, he elaborated with the theory of general relativity, which describes the distortion of space and time when objects of high mass accelerate at quantum levels. As speed increases, mass increases, frequency increases and thus the objects total energy or electromagnetic radiation also increases, until eventually, just like a star in the sky, it collapses within itself.

Are the goals we have for technology leading us into our own black hole?

I do not know but I think we are all about to find out.


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