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4 Websites Where

I Can Make Money Online

By AntonioPublished 2 years ago 4 min read

We receive a lot of emails from our readers and a commonly asked question is “are there any websites where I can make money online?” The answer to this question is definitely “yes”. In this post we will reveal 4 websites that you can use to make money online. Let’s get right to it.

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If you have a skill that customers need such as content writing, copywriting, creating SEO campaigns, paid advertising, web development, coding or something else that people need then Upwork.com is a great site to showcase your talents.

Upwork has been around for a long time and has a very good reputation with both customers and freelancers alike. The way that it works is that customers will post a project on the Upwork platform. If the project is something that you are interested in and can deliver then you make a proposal.

You need to know that Upwork will charge a commission fee of anywhere between 5% and 20%. The commission rate tends to go down if the cost of the project is high. It is easy to setup a profile on Upwork and it is free. There are freelancers offering their services from all over the world.

It is certainly possible to make good money with Upwork and some freelancers are making six figures a year. The problem is that it is very competitive and can take you a while to land your first project. Getting positive reviews from customers is critical. You may have to lower your prices considerably to land your first few projects.

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There are a number of people earning very good money on the Etsy.com platform. This website gets nearly 400 million visitors a month and the visitor numbers are growing. People are selling all kinds of arts and crafts on this website and there is no reason that you cannot do this as well.

You do not have to create your own arts and crafts to be successful with Etsy. There are people that are making a lot of money drop shipping jewelry items for example. Take a look around the website to see what is selling well and to inspire you. Write down all of the good ideas and work out how you can get in on the action.

Setting up your shop on Etsy is simple to do and it should not take too long to be u and running. It is a competitive marketplace and you need to find a way to stand out from the crowd. Make sure that your product descriptions are enticing.

AskWonder.com is a website that customers go to when they need some research work completed. They need people to conduct the research that the customers require. If you enjoy researching things and are efficient at doing this then you can make money online with this.

If you would like to be a researcher then they will test you to see if you are suitable. They state that most research tasks should only take around 5 minutes. When you become a researcher at AskWonder.com you will be able to access the main dashboard. Here you can choose to answer specific questions.

If you are good at research and pretty fast and efficient with it then expect to make about $20 per hour. Providing a detailed answer to the research question will pay you between $8 and $16. This is not a great deal of money and you are not going to get rich as a researcher for AskWonder.com.

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We are back to freelancing again with our last website where you can make money online. Fiverr is different to Upwork in that you create your own gigs and the customers will purchase these directly. It is a lot simpler than responding to projects posted by customers.

When Fiverr first started the freelancers could only charge $5 for their basic services. Things have changed and you can now charge whatever you want. It is a very competitive website, and just putting up a series of gigs is unlikely to result in a lot of orders. You need to promote your gigs as much as you can.

Fiver will charge a 20% commission on all of the orders that you complete. You need to factor this into your pricing. If you can make Fiverr work for you then there is certainly good money to be made. Some freelancers on Fiverr earn thousands of dollars a month. There are no restrictions with Fiverr and you can post gigs from anywhere in the world.

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