4 Enterprise Use Cases That Define The Popularity Of Node.JS

JavaScript is taking over the application and web development market and node.js is the most popular among all other frameworks.

4 Enterprise Use Cases That Define The Popularity Of Node.JS

JavaScript is taking over the application and web development market and nodeJs is the most popular among all other frameworks.

Node.js is a runtime environment and framework that can be used by enterprises to develop high-quality applications and software that also have cross-platform capabilities.

The enterprises are attracted to node.js framework and runtime environment for the creation of application and useful software.

Node.js is also used as a framework for full-stack development services.

Node.js is built on Chrome’s V8 JavaScript engine. This is a non-blocking input-output and event-driven model, it is very lightweight and efficient.

Node.js has the world’s biggest open-source library, it also has an all-in-one package manager.

All these features make JavaScript one of the best frameworks and runtime environments to develop applications.

The enterprises can hire node js developers to increase the efficiency of their development teams.

Below are 4 enterprise use cases that define the popularity of node.js:

Node.js is very popular and to understand it, below are 4 enterprise use cases of Node.js.

Other than these 4 there are many more big enterprises that make use of Node.js for various purposes.

The developers just need to upgrade their skills and be perfect in Node.js and they will find so many opportunities.

Let’s look upon 4 Enterprise Use Cases:

  1. Node.js For Walmart
  2. Node.js for Uber
  3. NASA and Node.js
  4. Node.js and fusion marketing

Node.js For Walmart:

A node js development company can provide organizations with better solutions and services with respect to others.

Coming to Walmart, Walmart.com is one of the biggest e-retail marketing companies in the world.

They have over 23 million items to offer for sale. They are expanding their online retail market.

They were in on-ground sales for a long time but they are now in the digital market too and they are doing amazing.

Their website and applications are already a hit, they have already seen more than 20,000 hits per second, which was in the holiday season.

These records induced Walmart to build a fast, reliable and secure e-commerce platform that can help them to achieve their organizational goals.

The time when Walmart decided that it wants to improve its website they wanted a framework that can make their portal have an attractive and user-friendly interface.

This was important for some of the components of their website like the cart, and checkout page. They wanted to make their website easy for their customers.

Walmart’s first choice was React.js but when they thought about making their platform easily scalable and reliable for their end-users they chose Node.js.

They chose Node.js for both their website and mobile application. They believed that if they hire node js developers, they can give them a better application and website than any other.

They believed that it can do much more for the enterprise and that too with fewer codes.

Other frameworks like JavaScript need to manage API calls parallelly.

It is clear that this decision went into their favor as their website and application are doing very well.

Node.js for Uber

Everyone knows about Uber, they are the biggest cab service portal in the world.

They have always been into the digital world. They started with an application and a website.

Most of their services are on their mobile application. They relied on Node.js for their e-commerce app and web portal.

Their system supports the big amount of supply notification and demand requests.

There are users all around the world trying to book a cab from their app almost all the time.

The rides are not decided randomly, a request is sent and is only confirmed after a driver accepts it.

Node.js can provide the businesses full-stack development services that give them amazing results.

The application is made with the X-nearest algorithm. It can ping a demand request throughout the network with all the nearest active drivers.

It is also updated with every ride the drivers take and where they move around the city.

There were some problems handling these requests with the older version of their application and that is why Uber decided to go with Node.js.

Now, the core of the Uber app is designed by Node and it can easily handle all the demand and support requests by the users and drivers all around the world.

Node.js development company can deliver e-commerce platforms with services that provide them with error-free and robust apps and web portals.

NASA and Node.js

This is something that increases the standard of the Node.js platform. Anything that is connected with an organization like NASA is surely something else.

The NASA astronauts suffered an accident that was caused by a malfunction in their spacesuits, this happened in the year 2013.

NASA found out that data was scattered all over the globe into several NASA servers. The situation became tough.

The scientists at NASA decided to build a system that can streamline all the data that is related to the spacesuits for better analysis.

They decided to use Node.js to create a system that had a microservice architecture with separate APIs and apps. They decided to hire node js experts for this purpose.

Node.js and fusion marketing

Now, this is something that is going on while we are writing it. Node.js is being used with Digital Marketing.

Digital marketing companies now hire node js developers to design applications that can help them promote their marketing content.

Fusion Marketing is a name that has created a reputation for itself in the marketing industry.

They recently carried out a campaign with Budweiser to promote a bud and burger championship. This campaign was heavily powered by Node.js.

Final Words

Most of the software and application development companies nowadays also want to hire node js developers because of its benefits.

Node.js can also be used for web application development. It has features that can help developers with the development of dynamic web development.

A node js developer has an edge over other developers in the IT industry because of the benefits of the framework.

There are a lot of companies that want to hire node js experts with a great pay scale.

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