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21 Best Free Typing Software & App for PC in 2022

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By best typing softwarePublished about a year ago 9 min read
21 Best Free Typing Software & App for PC in 2022
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Today, typing is pretty much an essential skill. It doesn't matter how old you are, or what you do for a living, chances are you interact with computers every day, and fast typing is a skill that will save you a lot of time. Therefore, if you're still typing with two fingers and looking at your keyboard all the time, and you want to improve your typing speed and experience, you've come to the right place. Here are the 20 best FREE typing software and apps for PC in 2022:

BEST Typing Tutor Software Download for PC

1. Typing Master

There is a website called Typing Master that teaches you how to double your typing speed. This is one of the best typing software for PCs that allows you to test your typing speed and accuracy.


  • With this free typing software, you can analyze and train your skills.
  • With the Pro version, you will have access to a WPM testing tool for recruitment and training purposes.
  • You will also find fun typing games in the Typing Games Zone.
  • Platforms supported: Windows

2. Animal Typing – Lite

For people of all ages, animal typing is the easiest, simplest, and funniest way to learn touch. Your typing speed determines whether you get the Anila-like snail, rabbit, or horse. You will also be rewarded for accuracy.


  • An animated keyboard helps you learn how to type correctly.
  • We offer numerous keyword layouts, including Qwerty (US/UK), Dvorak, Colemak, Workman, Qwertz, Azerty, etc.
  • Allows users to switch between multiple users by logging in.
  • IOS platform supported.

3. Typing.com

Typing.com provides free typing software that monitors progress from time to time. It is one of the best typing programs for improving typing accuracy and speed by offering one-minute, three-minute, and five-minute typing tests.


  • Coding, keyboarding, and digital literacy
  • Enhance district and classroom management
  • As well as teaching students valuable technology skills.
  • The keyboard is faster and more accurate.
  • Instructions and lessons are available in both English and Spanish.
  • Web platform supported.

4. TypingClub

The TypingClub web-based typing tool is free. With this tool, teachers can manage several classes at the same time. Student's progress can be monitored and lessons can be customized with this typing tutor.


  • Mobile apps are available, as well as tools that help teachers design lessons.
  • A hand posture guide allows you to see the correct hand posture on keys based on your type.
  • Offers a variety of levels to motivate you and improve your muscle memory.
  • The app shows you previous performances and even allows you to replay them.
  • Offer a variety of experiences including games, videos, and typing challenges.
  • Supported platforms include the web.

5. The Typing Cat

A keyboard tutor called Typing Cat can help you improve your typing speed. There are various types of keyboard layouts available, and you can learn computer keys online.


  • Speed up and improve typing accuracy
  • While improving your overall computer skills.
  • Users can choose from Dvorak, Colemak, and Workman keyboard layouts.
  • Web platforms are supported.

6. Ratatype

Ratatype is a typing tutorial tool that emphasizes that each finger has a specific area on the keyboard. There is a simple and intuitive interface that won't distract you from studying the layout.


  • Provide proper sitting posture for typing.
  • If you use the color-coded keyboard under the lesson input field, you will know which finger to use for each key.
  • It will help you learn to touch-type.
  • You can conduct a typing test to determine your typing speed with this application.
  • Platforms supported: Windows, Web

7. RapidTyping

Rapid typing tutors are free to use. You can use several typing sessions and games that come with this software to improve your typing skills. It also offers extensive training statistics and customized lessons.


  • With a virtual keyboard, you can practice how to place your fingers on the keyboard.
  • One or two moving hands appear on the screen.
  • Tracking the learning progress and viewing results at any time is made easier with this tool.
  • This tool has a multi-language interface.
  • Platforms supported: Windows.

8. TypeLift

It is free touch-typing courseware that runs in your browser. The program helps you practice your keyboard skills efficiently and increases your typing speed enormously.


  • Check your typing skills with this typing test
  • Create your typing lessons
  • You can view a summary of your typing skills, which is calculated based on all your previous exercises.
  • Your writing progress is displayed immediately.

9. Key Hero

Key Hero is an excellent typing tutor tool that helps you improve your typing skills. You can track your progress (WPM and accuracy) in the software game, and you can understand your mistakes.


  • Touch typing involves typing without looking at the keyboard.
  • Optimization of site structure and content
  • According to query type
  • Keywords and traffic analyses
  • Platforms supported: Windows

10. Goodtyping.com

Goodtyping is an online typing tutorial. There are 23 different keyboard layouts available. It offers typing practice in multiple languages, including English, French, Italian, and Spanish.


  • Learn how to type correctly using your fingers in just a few hours.
  • You will be able to master fast typing.
  • Online course, no download required.
  • Support platforms: Windows

11. Touch Typing Study

The Touch Typing Study provides accurate typing lessons and practice to help you improve your typing skills. It also provides a speed test to evaluate your typing skills.


  • The site offers 15 free typing lessons in different languages.
  • This typing tutorial software breaks lessons down into topics so you can see what's coming next.
  • Offers a variety of keyboard layouts and games to keep you entertained.

12. Speed Typing Online

This typing tutor has 17 timeless lessons on speed typing online. During this lesson, you will learn every letter on the keyboard before your skills are tested in a review.


  • Provides two different entry modes to keep the experience fresh and help develop different speed typing abilities
  • Type custom and interesting text to keep the experience fresh
  • This allows you to personalize and save the report
  • With a variety of test round times
  • Platform: Windows

13. The Vehicles Typing

Children who enjoy watching vehicles drive down the road can play Vehicles Typing as a typing game. All you have to do is type the letters written in the balloons to keep the car running. Additionally, the tool offers corresponding hints for the keys to be pressed.


  • It offers more than 30 lessons.
  • Animations of various vehicles, such as cars, trains, airplanes, and ships.
  • You can switch between 3 people.
  • There are no third-party advertisements.
  • Platform supported: iOS.

14. Typing Bolt

Typing Bolt is a web application that teaches you to touch typing through Bolt AI. This engine adapts to the user's skill level and offers a personalized typing course.


  • Each user's words are optimized
  • With a beginner-friendly interface
  • Displaying accurate real-time statistics about each user's performance.
  • Helps you to adjust to different levels automatically
  • Platform Supported: Windows

15. Typing Fingers LT

TypeFingers is a free typing app for Mac. The program makes typing fun, is interactive, and makes use of modern technology and a new teaching method.


  • It allows you to type accurately without having to look at your screen.
  • Available in US/EN QWERTY layout.
  • Perfect for homeschooling.
  • It includes typing games.
  • Platforms supported: Mac, iOS

16. Keybr.com

The keyboard is an application that allows you to teach touch typing. With this tool, you can improve any individual's typing speed and accuracy dramatically.


  • Helps you design practice based on your skillset
  • You can choose the layout according to your preference.
  • Typing app for PC allows users to upload their profiles.
  • Platforms supported: Windows.

17. KTouch Typing Tutor

KTouch is an open-source typing tutor software for Linux users only. By using this tool, you can see which key to press next, as well as which finger to use.


  • It lets you learn how to type using all four fingers, step by step, without needing to see the keyboard to see your keys.
  • Lightweight typing software that helps you learn to type.
  • Helps you collect extensive statistical data.
  • This typewriter practice software offers more than twelve courses in a variety of languages.
  • Platforms supported: Linux.

18. GNU Typist

The GNU Typist is a free typing program licensed under the GNU General Public License. You can learn correct typing by using this typing tutorial tool and improve your skills by practicing its exercises regularly.


  • Various typing tutorials are included: in Czech, English, Russian, and Spanish, French, etc.
  • The program helps you understand a simple and intuitive scripting language.
  • With this free typing software, you can modify existing tutorials or create new ones based on your preferences.
  • Platforms Supported: Windows

19. Klavaro Touch Typing Tutor

Klavaro touch typing is easy to use and flexible. A customizable keyboard layout is supported. Since the basic typing course was designed for everyone, this typing tutorial software allows you to edit and save new or unfamiliar keyboard layouts.


  • Multi-keyboard support
  • Multi-language support
  • There are four different types of practice exercises in this typing software for PC
  • With external text input
  • Windows and Linux are supported

20. Typing Trainer

Typing Trainer is an online tool that offers typing games, typing speed tests and keyboard practice. This is one of the best free typing programs that allow you to learn and practice touch typing in the most effective way.


  • Typing learning software enables users to learn various typing skills
  • That will help them improve their typing speed
  • Through the discovery of over 700+ typing activities.
  • Try out some typing games.
  • Windows is supported.

21. Typeracer

Typingracer is software that allows users to compete online. With the tool, users can race each other by typing quotes from books, movies, and songs. This is perhaps the first multiplayer typing game on the web.


  • Provides a private learning environment on the web
  • To your students, which they can access from anywhere
  • Including from home, school, and the library.
  • Using this typing test software, you can determine which students have access.
  • The tool does not require installation.
  • Any computer with a web browser can use it.
  • Encourages students to motivate each other


What is Typing Tutor?

In a typing tutor, you can take lessons, play games, or perform typing tests to improve your typing skills.

What are the benefits of a typing tutor?

The following are the benefits of typing tutor software:

  • Expert knowledge and proven techniques are available to you.
  • Provides you with step-by-step instructions
  • To enhance your coordination and motor skills.
  • Systematically develops muscle memory.
  • Motivates and entertains you with typing games and drills.
  • Monitors your progress through tracking features.

Why is typing skill important to become a computer professional?

Typing is one of the fundamental skills that can help you improve focus and time management. Those who want to manage computers at full capacity need this skill.

How to learn to type on a Computer?

Here is a step-by-step process for learning to type on a computer:

  • Download a typing tutor from any of the above-listed software programs on your computer or visit the typing software website
  • Install the software on your computer or register if you are visiting the website
  • Following the instructions, if any, and starting with the basic typing tests
  • Practice typing every day and improve your typing speed and accuracy as well
  • If you follow the instructions properly and practice every day, you will improve your typing skills from beginner to advanced in a few weeks.

What are the best typing tutors?

The following are some of the best typing tutor software and websites:

  • Animal Typing – Lite
  • Typing.com
  • TypingClub
  • Typing Master
  • Datatype
  • Rapid Typing
  • Speed Typing Online
  • Typing Bolt
  • KTouch Typing Tutor
  • GNU Typist
  • Typing Trainer


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