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2023 Red Sox Trade News

Learn More about What the Red Sox Did at the Trade Deadline

By Lynne BlackPublished 7 months ago 3 min read

So, the 2023 Red Sox trade news is here. Of course, everyone, from the management, to the players and the fans knows what the team should do.

2023 Red Sox Trade News

When the season started, I didn’t have any expectations. Check out my 2023 Red Sox Season Begins Today post to learn more about this year’s team.

Since Chaim Bloom has become the Chief Baseball Officer in 2019; he has traded away many key players since he began his tenure with the team.

In the first place, one of the first things Bloom did was trade Mookie Betts to the Los Angeles Dodgers. To learn more about this trade; visit my Red Sox Traded Mookie Betts 2020 post. In my opinion, this wasn’t a good trade and the players the Red Sox received certainly haven’t provided a great return for what they gave up.

In addition to the above trade, many players that have contributed to the teams’ success in 2018 and beyond have now signed on with other teams. For instance, Nathan Eovaldi couldn’t get a deal done in the off-season and moved on in free agency to the Texas Rangers. Meanwhile, Eovaldi is 11 -3 and has a 2.69 ERA with a team that is in 1st place.

Additionally, the team let J.D. Martinez walk. Martinez signed with the Dodgers for a one-year 10 million dollar deal and has 25 home runs.

Also, one of the biggest mistakes in the off-season was not signing Xander Bogarts.

Although Bloom says he wants to win; does he really understand Boston is a big market?

2023 Red Sox Trade – Rafael Devers Opinion

Recently, Rafael Devers told Pete Abraham of the Boston Globe that everyone knows what they need. Although it was clear before the season started, the team needed good starting pitchers; they haven’t done anything about this.

In fact, Chaim Bloom has put too much confidence in several players returning from injury; when he should be making it a priority to add a top-of-the-line starter to the rotation.

Although they will be getting Chris Sale, Tanner Houck, and Garrett Whitlock back; it is clear they still need to add a starting pitcher.

2023 Red Sox Trade Deals

Although there is still question marks; Alex Cora’s vision is for the team to “Keep Winning”. However, despite Cora wanting the team to keep winning; they have lost 3 out of the last 4 games.

On July 26th, Kiké Hernández was traded to the Los Angeles Dodgers. In return, they received two right-handed pitchers – Nick Robertson and Justin Hagenman.

With the deadline winding down; the Red Sox made a minor deal. They received infielder, Luis Urias from the Milwaukee Brewers.

Since I’ve watched the trade deadline come and go; I think the team should have done more.

Because the team has been inconsistent all year; I think they made a mistake in not acquiring any pitching help.

Of course, I’m disappointed!

The remainder of 2023 and Beyond

When the team won the World Series in 2018; they were amazing. Check out my Boston Red Sox Win World Series post to learn more about this team’s success.

In 2021, the team surprised everyone and went far in the playoffs. Visit my 2021 Red Sox Game #162 – MLB Playoffs 2021 post to learn more about the 2021 team.

In 2022, the team ended up in last place. And this year; they have been in last place for a good portion of the season. More recently they have bounced back and forth between 4th and 5th place.

In summary, can we trade Chaim Bloom? Hopefully, the owners will realize their fan base is losing interest. Personally, I haven’t attended a game since 2021.

As always, I welcome your comments on the 2023 Red Sox news or should I say lack of.

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