10 Signs That You're a Smartphone Addict

by Kurt Magnus 5 months ago in gadgets

You can do almost anything on your smartphone these days, but is turning into an obsession? If you look at your screen more than you do your family, you might have a problem.

10 Signs That You're a Smartphone Addict

Feeling Your Smartphone Vibrate Even When It Does Not

Have you ever felt your phone vibrate, reached down into your pocket, and realized it was all in your head? Even worse, do you often hear it ringing when you dare leave it in another room? You are not alone. A whopping 89 percent of undergraduates at the University of Indiana report the same sensations.

Sleeping with Your Smartphone

Not only does your smartphone not leave your side during the day, it also doesn't leave your side at night, while you're trying to sleep or writing an essay for college. If the nightstand is just too far away, you keep that little phone right next to you in bed, don't you?

Using Your Smartphone in the Bathroom

According to a study conducted by Jumio, 9 percent of people admit to using their smartphones while having sex. Even more, 12 percent, use it while they take a shower.

Freaking Out When Your Smartphone Is Not Nearby

Of course, it might be impossible for you to leave your phone somewhere while you engage in other activities, ranging from work to showering. The term nomophobia refers to people who fear a lack of technological access. There are even treatment centers dedicated to the issue.

Your Smartphone Cost You Your Job

If you ever spent so much time playing on your phone that your boss had to reprimand you and eventually fire you, you have a serious problem. Unless you work at the Apple Store, keep your phone put away during business hours.

Spending More Time with Your Smartphone Than Your Partner

Have you ever been in this situation? Your significant other tries desperately to get you to go to dinner, but can't because you just have to check if your Instagram photo got more likes and try again to beat that level of Candy Crush? You better put that phone down or you may end up single.

Ignoring Your Kids

Unfortunately for your kids, they can't fire or divorce you, so try not to neglect them. If you fail to change your baby's diaper in a timely manner because you received a text containing some juicy gossip from your BFF, you are a terrible parent.

Spending Your Entire Paycheck on Apps

If your personal motto is, 'there's an app for that,' you might need to rethink your priorities. Apps are great for a variety of things, but if you need one to conduct all of life's activities, you need to put your head back into the real world. Also, if you find yourself spending hundreds of dollars on apps, you probably need to cut up your credit cards.

Not Going for More Than a Few Minutes Without Checking Your Smartphone

If you really sat back and counted how many times you checked your phone each day, the result might shock you. It's like you can't go five minutes without knowing if you received an email or if someone posted an interesting Facebook status. Give yourself a break and put your smartphone down for at least an hour each day to do something fun with your family.

Texting People Who Are in the Same Room as You

Maybe your family is just as bad as you are when it comes to a smartphone obsession. Maybe you and your kids are in the same room and you text them to go do their homework, and they write back and whine about it. Remember the days when you could just open your mouth and talk to people who sat within 20 feet of you?

Kurt Magnus
Kurt Magnus
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