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10 Habits of Successful Entrepreneurs

Check out Brett Markowitz's list of 10 habits that many successful entrepreneurs share.

By Brett MarkowitzPublished 2 years ago 3 min read

Contrary to popular belief, there is no one way to become an entrepreneur. However, there are certain habits and traits that make it easier for one to succeed in the industry - any industry. This is especially true for habits, which we can change and add to our daily routines.

Think about it - most of your New Year’s Resolutions are likely habits you want to improve upon or add, right? Those hoping to become entrepreneurs should consider working on the following ten habits. Their success story will be much more likely if they do.

Habit #1: They Set Time Aside for Themselves

Being an entrepreneur is hard work. A million things need to be done, and there often is not enough time in the day. Entrepreneurs must balance their work responsibilities, their family responsibilities, and any social responsibilities. That leaves little room for alone time and self-care.

Successful entrepreneurs are more likely to understand that it will never happen if they don’t set aside a bit of time for themselves. When we don’t get breaks, we’re more likely to crumble and succumb to burnout, which is an entrepreneurial nightmare. Avoid this by setting aside some “you time.”

Habit #2: Setting and Adjusting Goal

Entrepreneurs spend their whole day chasing goals. It’s how they got to where they are. As such, it is essential to understand the value of these goals and when it may be reasonable to adjust the goalpost.

For the best chance of success, try to get into the habit of setting goals for yourself. Likewise, don’t be afraid to adjust these goals as needed. Sometimes that will mean making the goal more accessible, while other times, it may call for changing the timetable.

Habit #3: Developing Routines

The most successful entrepreneurs have solid routines to follow. Routines are a great way to frame your thinking for a task or day. Consider a morning routine - it’s how many people get their day rolling which tends to set them up for success. The same is true for entrepreneurship. A series of routines can create the perfect environment for success.

Habit #4: Looking for Inspiration

Inspiration can keep a person going, even through the worst turmoils. The sad truth is that not every day of an entrepreneur’s life will be good. However, many entrepreneurs have learned to counter these bad days by collecting inspiration. It can help them power through tough times. Start assembling your inspiration now, and you won’t regret it.

Habit #5: Maintaining To-Do Lists

To some people, the idea of a to-do list may sound quite dull. However, they are an essential lifeline for many entrepreneurs. Why? It helps them track and organize tasks, thoughts, and meetings.

To become a successful entrepreneur, get in the habit of maintaining to-do lists. Ideally, these lists should be organized by priority, making it easier for you to understand what needs to be done in the available timeframe.

Habit #6: Don’t Fear Failure

Failure is an unfortunate part of life. It happens, especially in the business world. Entrepreneurs who have learned to accept this and let go of the fear are far more likely to succeed than their peers.

Habit #7: Wake Up Early

Not everyone is a morning person; we get it. However, studies have shown that the most successful entrepreneurs are the ones that get up early in the morning. In other words, if you’re hoping to get a leg up in the entrepreneurial race, you might consider setting that alarm clock for 6 am.

Habit #8: Stay Current

It is imperative for entrepreneurs to stay updated in their industries. This means taking the time to read up on the latest industry news and trends. It also means understanding what the competition is up to and what the target audience is most interested in at any given moment.

Habit #9: Give Up on Multitasking

Multitasking may sound like the entrepreneur’s dream for task management - but it isn’t. Studies have shown that multitasking wastes more time than it saves, as our minds don’t cope well with switching from one task to the next. Instead, work in blocks of time to get through your to-do list.

Habit #10: Set Deadlines

Finally, to become a successful entrepreneur, you must get into the habit of setting (and keeping) deadlines. No more of this “I’ll get it done…eventually.” If you want to start a business, get going. Set deadlines for yourself and keep them. Remember that nobody else will make you chase your dreams. Only you can do that.


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