10 Different Types of Software Development

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10 Different Types of Software Development

Software Development is a lot in trend these days and the demand is also on the higher side for top software development companies as they have the professionals and the expertise. Software Development can be done in different fields and is not restricted.

Here are the 10 different types of software development you must know about:

1. Web Development

You go through a lot of web pages every day but have you ever realized a lot of coding is done to create them and all that comes under web development. Web development means coding web pages to make them suitable to upload on the internet. This form of software development can turn into a great future if taken seriously. Although it is diverse and complex to understand and the web developer needs to organize many interconnected files.

2. Mobile Development

Mobile development is in trend these days and is often called as app development. As the name suggests, mobile development involves creating applications for mobile devices as well as operating systems. The mobile games you play every day as a time killer are the gifts of mobile development.

Not only games, every single app such as Snapchat, shopping apps, fun apps, etc., that is created for mobile devices whether Android or iPhone involves mobile development.

3. Application Development

Application Development is the process of developing a set of programs that will help in conducting different tasks of a business. App developers are known for developing mobile and computer apps and software programmers. In addition to this, they test programs and fix bugs and issues so that the app can help in the daily functioning of its users.

4. Data Science

Data Scientists are known to play an important role in providing value to large data sets. It may seem useless for you because you don’t know what to do with them. However, those who work in data science have complete knowledge and they know how to find value in data that a normal person cannot do.

They have the knowledge to extract valuable actionable insights, by manipulating loads of data with the help of analytical approaches.

5. Software tools development

This form of software development holds much importance in the software development industry. The developers need to develop tools for other developers so that they can do the testing. Apart from that, the know-how of software tools development helps in maintaining industry standards and conforming to them by the software developers. This type of development is required in every technical field and even tech giants like Google get their testing applications designed by professional developers.

6. Back-end Development

Back-end means what is going on behind the scenes. A lot of hard work goes into ensuring that everything on the front-end is going fine without any problem and that is known as Back-end development. The back-end of a website consists of a server, an application, and a database and it is where the entire data is collected. If you want to be a back-end developer, understanding of databases, server programming languages and architecture is a must. When there is an error with an application such as slow performance or crashing, it directs upon the problems with back-end development.

7. Embedded Systems Development

An embedded system implies a network with a dedicated role within a more extensive mechanical or electrical system that attends a general-purpose. It is a software that is specially designed for particular software to assist the functioning of a machine or a device. It is installed as a part of a device and includes hardware and mechanical parts. Embedded Systems Development needs you to have coding skills required for embedded systems The embedded software is specialized for the particular software that your machine or device runs on.

8. API Development

API Development refers to the development of Application Programming Interfaces, which means formulating something extensible. It lays the foundation of conventional procedures, types, tools, database access rules and GUI interaction methods that developers creating applications can practice for that particular API. developers must know how to build programs for multiple operating systems and for web and mobile. This lets 3rd-party developers to associate with the tools or functions important for API development.

9. Security Software Development

If you are unsure of this security software development, let me tell you it is one of the important and trending one that is ruling the internet these days. It is often considered equal to hacking but in a good way. Penetration testers together with cyber-security experts work for the welfare of their systems and data as well the companies. Security software development means developing software that will keep the important business assets secured from theft, viruses including hateful attacks.

10. Cloud Computing

Cloud Computing is gaining so much importance these days and gone are the days when local storage for files was in trend. The cloud services use networks of remote servers to store and manage data instead of using a personal computer or local server and such developers are known to build cloud storage applications.

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