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10 Crucial SEO Ranking Factors

by sachin patil about a year ago in list
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We are living in a world where updating yourself every day is very important. So to do the same we, SEO Training, Digital Marketing Courses are here.

10 Crucial SEO Ranking Factors
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We are living in a world where updating yourself everyday is very important. So to do the same we, SEO Training, Digital Marketing Courses are here.

SEO is getting popular and competitive day by day, so this makes it very crucial to know what others or let me say the best SEO pages are doing.

Let me first tell you why is it important for getting better ranking according to Google? Google when used by any consumer searches for any particular topic the list of websites that appear in front of them are totally based on the Google ranking of all the website present to them on that particular order.

Here is a list of 10 basic things that are very important for getting a better Google ranking.

Proper Keywords- keywords are the most important factor for getting ranked better. This is because when the customer makes a search, the first thing that Google does is match their topic of interest with the website’s keywords. Your website is shown to the consumer only if they have the appropriate and matching keywords.

Optimized Meta Description-

Meta description is the small amount of data present under your website’s link. This data helps the Search Engine as well as the consumer to understand what does your site contains.

Website Loading time

the world is running very fast. And the customers that we present and Google have a lot of options, so if our website is taking more than approx. 3 seconds to load there are chances that the user might switch your website with another faster site.

Mobile mode optimization- when Google ranks your website, they make it sure that your website is optimized well for mobile functioning. If not, they may directly reject your website. if you are not getting any ranking despite of hard work this can be a reason.

Image optimization

sometimes we use images in our text to make it look more attractive. This is a positive point but, when we ignore the optimization of image and therefore our image takes a lot of time in loading this may result in poor ranking by Google.

Image alt text

we can make up for the image optimization by providing our image with image alt text. That is the text which is displayed below the image that explains all about the image.

Context Originality

while doing any of the other stuff do not forget that you are here to sell your content which means it should be worth the time and money you spend on selling it. so make sure that you are using original content.

Content length

While you are working for Google never forget that for Google quality matters the most. So, when you write about any topic try to explain it in detail. Don’t rush words and check that you are not missing any important topic. if you are intrested for more information then you can join SEO training you will learn in depth knoeweldge

Use a rank Checker tool

you can use a rank checker tool to see how you are ranking according to Google. This also helps in creating healthy competition amongst people. Check and then work on them.

Trustworthiness- make sure that your website or the link doesn’t sound like a spam one. Sometimes, the customer does not open the link due to the fear pf fraud. So, make sure you sound good to the customer.

SEO is no overnight job but, yes it can be done with continued determination.


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Sachin Patil is the founder of Online Marketing Course is the best digital marketing course providing institute, and you can easily find us on google map,

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