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Why you should always wear a seatbelt when driving

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By amex car rental uaePublished 9 months ago 3 min read

When you're driving, it's not just your life that is at risk. It's also the lives of your passengers.

When you're wearing a seatbelt, you are giving yourself and everyone else in the car extra protection from serious injury or death.

According to the U.S. Department of Transportation, in 2013 over 6,000 people were killed and an estimated 12 million injured as a result of motor vehicle accidents. That's why it's so important to put on your seatbelt every time you get into a car and buckle up every time there are multiple passengers in the car (even if they are children).

Why should I always wear my seatbelt?

Injuries caused by unrestrained occupants accounted for about 42 percent of all fatalities in 2013 (more than 4,000 people) — more than any other category of occupant type. Seat belts alone were credited with preventing more than 50 percent of these deaths — over 2,500 lives saved each year!

Seatbelts are designed to

Seatbelts are designed to keep you safe when you're driving. They're designed to hold you securely in place and keep your body from moving around too much, which can lead to serious injuries if you're not wearing one. Seatbelts also protect the people around you from being hit by an out-of-control vehicle. When someone is thrown around in a crash, they can cause serious injury to other passengers in the car or on the road. It's important to wear your seatbelt every time you get into a vehicle. But what happens when you don't wear one?

If you're caught without a seatbelt

If you're caught without a seatbelt, then law enforcement officers may issue fines and take your license away for up to six months. The fine will depend on how long it has been since your last ticket and whether any other violations have occurred, such as speeding or running red lights. If you are looking for rent a cars in uae with affordable price so, amex car rental uae is best option for you and your family. Book your favourite car now!

Buckle Up!

Whether you're a passenger or driver, there's no excuse to not be buckled up every time you drive. If you don't follow this rule, you could face a fine of $200 or more. Even if you're just driving with one person in the front seat, everyone should be buckled up regardless of whether they are using the car as transportation or just want to go somewhere else.

What If I'm Driving?

If you are driving and someone else gets into the vehicle without wearing their seatbelt properly, then they will receive a citation for failure to restrain themselves according to state law. This means that even if the driver does not have his/her own seatbelt on properly, s/he could still receive a citation from law enforcement officers.


Why Should I Wear a Seat Belt?

It's the single most important thing you can do to prevent serious injuries or death in a car accident. Wearing your seat belt reduces your risk of dying from an impact by 50%.

How It Works

The force from an impact is absorbed by the seat belt and spread out to your body. The force of acceleration is concentrated on the strongest part of your body, which is your chest. This helps protect you from injury or even death in a crash.

How Do I Know If My Car Has A Seat Belt?

If you're trying to find out if there are seat belts in your car, look for “3 point” restraints: two shoulder belts with one lap belt across them (left and right sides). If you find these, they're probably safe to use without any modifications. But if they're missing, they may not be safe for everyone else in the car because of their weight could pull them out of their retainer clips during an accident.

If someone else were injured in an accident

It can save lives! If someone else were injured in an accident due to their lack of wearing a seatbelt (or any other safety device), they could have been rushed to the hospital and treated. (Always drive safe for your self and your family)


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