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Why do my brakes squeak?

by Furqan Ashiq 14 days ago in how to

In this blog, we will discuss the varying different reasons why your brakes may squeak!

Brakes are one of the most important components of a car, they keep you safe and other drivers safe. There are many different reasons why your brakes might squeak, but it’s essential to find out what this problem is so that you can get it fixed as soon as possible.

In this blog, we will discuss the varying different reasons why your brakes may squeak!

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Weather conditions

You must listen to your car and notice when the time is that they are squeaking, you may notice a correlation between the weather and the sound from your brakes. Do they squeak all the time? Or just sometimes? A common cause of brakes that squeak is cold weather. Although this can be annoying, if the cause is to do with the weather, it will not be unsafe to drive, which is a positive.

The weight of your car

If you find that you are carrying a lot of weight in your car, for example, passengers or heavy items, you may find that your brakes will start to squeak. This is because if your vehicle is heavy, it will take more energy to slow the vehicle down and as a result means that the pressure on the brakes is used more heavily. The reason that your brakes may squeak during this process is that they will get hot, causing the metal to swell thus producing noise. This is nothing to worry about, but if you are carrying heavy loads more frequently, you may need to get your brakes checked out more frequently as they are exposed to heavier use.

Wet or moist weather

If your brakes are making a slightly different sound, like grinding, it could be as a result of exposure to moisture. If your car has been left out in the moisture overnight, moisture can be present around the brake pads which can lead to the creation of brown rust. When you use the car in the morning and start using your brakes, the sound could be as a result of the brakes removing the rust along with any moisture. Again, although annoying, this is nothing to worry about.


Especially during winter, your brakes could be exposed to grit, likewise you could be driving on sand in the summer if you live around the coast. The sound could be as a result of these materials being stuck inside the brakes. This is often not to worry about as the materials should be able to find their way out of the system of the car naturally, although it can sometimes cause minor damage to the brakes.

Worn down brake pads

You will find that most frequently this is the case when brakes are squeaking. The sound that you hear is a result of metal dragging along a metal disk that is exposed as a result of your brakes wearing thin. This is a signal that you need to get your brake pads changed so that your brakes work properly.

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New car

If you have a new vehicle, it is likely that your car brakes may squeak slightly but don’t panic and rush to get them checked out, this is probably just because your car needs bedding in. You can bed your car in by reaching speeds of 60 miles an hour and then brakesing firmly until your car reaches 10 miles per hour. If you repeat this process around 10 times, your car should stop squeaking as much. In doing this action, you will wear down the transfer layer on the pads so that it is completely even. This process can be done easily if you travel on the motorway frequently.

How can we help?

If you are worried about having squeaky brakes, it is best to get your car repaired. Having squeaky brakes could mean nothing, yet it could be the difference between you staying safe or being in danger. Get in touch with Kingham’s Croydon today to make sure that your squeaky brakes are nothing to worry about.

Thank you for reading our blog ‘why do my brakes squeak?’. If you are in need of an MOT, servicing or maintenance, get in touch with Kingham’s Croydon today.

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