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Why Are Electric Vehicles Getting Popular? When it All Started?

by EV Observed 6 months ago in electric

Rise of Electric Vehicles

Why Electric Vehicles are Getting Popular? And When it all Started?

EV stands for Electric Vehicle which is driven by the onboard motor which is fueled by the charge stored in the battery. EVs have gained a lot of popularity in the previous decade and the trend is going to increase in the future. There are so many famous market players in the market, such as Tesla, GMC Hummer, BMW, Audi, etc. Also, almost every year, new Electric Vehicle models and Manufacturing Companies are stepping into the market of Electric vehicles.

Why are Electric Vehicles getting Popular?

Electric vehicles are getting hype not only due to their less running cost but also due to the advantages they offer such as:

Less Maintenance: Electric Vehicles does not have an Engine that Requires servicing like Cleaning, Changing Oils, etc. So less maintenance of these vehicles attracts people the most.

Low Pollution: The carbon footprint of the Electric Vehicle while manufacturing is high than the normal ICE(Internal Combustion Engine). But on a longer span, the EV produces very little pollution as compared to the Engine-operated vehicles.

Running Cost: Since the prices of Gasoline are shooting high, but the cost of electricity is less. So it makes the Electric Vehicle refuel at a lesser rate as compared to the conventional vehicles.

Noise Pollution: This might not be a major factor, but this also counts. Since fuel-run-operated vehicles cause more noise so the Electric Vehicles felt like an easy solution.

Why and When this Shift towards EV Happened?

The shift towards the EV can not be traced to a single event, but it is a collective effort of different events which happened over time. In the first decade of the 21st Century, Plug-in Hybrid Electric Vehicles were there and were gaining popularity through companies like Ford, Chevrolet, etc.

But the Price of Lithium-Ion batteries used to be High and the features and performance offered by these vehicles were not sufficient to please a lot of consumers. Earlier there were sufficient Electric vehicles (Plug-In Hybrid and All-Electric vehicles) models available in the market, but with the launch of the Tesla Roadster in 2008, Electric vehicles started getting the Hype since it was the fastest electric vehicle of that time which offered a high range on a single charge.

Apart from this, it was a sporty-looking Luxurious vehicle that attracted a lot of consumers. Advancement in the technology leading to the extended range and better performance of the electric vehicle also attracted the customers. The Major factor which acted as a catalyst in the shifting from ICE engine-operated vehicles to Electric vehicles was the increasing fuel prices.

History of the Electric Vehicles also shows that fuel price is one of the major factors that made people divert their way to Fuel operated vehicles because Fuel operated vehicles were more affordable at that time.

People preferred ICE-operated vehicles due to cheap fuel prices, but the scenario took a 180 degrees shift when the fuel prices started rising and a need for environmental conservation was felt among people.

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The market for electric vehicles is increasing with time and it is estimated that the coming ten years will be a game-changer for them. Also, the use of Ev's will greatly help our environment to renourish itself by minimizing the emission of carbon dioxide and other harmful gases that are greatly responsible for global warming and environmental degradation.


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